About MLJ Adoptions

MLJ Adoptions
MLJ Adoptions is an interdisciplinary group of experienced professionals passionate about serving children in need of families. Our team includes attorneys, social workers, therapists, a financial resources coordinator, adoptive parents, educators and other key team members. Many of our team members hold advanced degrees and all are committed to taking advantage of educational opportunities to learn more about adoption. Each of our staff members and our foreign service providers are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, signing an ethical standards commitment statement to that effect.

We believe it is important to not only address the social side of adoption, but to also have an understanding of the legal aspects of adoption. This is especially important in international adoption because it involves four areas of law: state, federal, foreign, and international. Yet, we are committed to providing attentive and ongoing Support Services to all of our families. MLJ Adoptions is a Licensed Child Placing Agency (LCPA), licensed by the state of Indiana. We are a Hague Approved Adoption Service Provider and as an adoption agency, MLJ Adoptions is fully insured and bonded.

It is our goal to find loving homes for children in need, and we truly believe in what we do. We have personally spent time with the orphans and in orphanages in the foreign countries with which we have programs, as well as others in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. We know the joy and happiness that adoption brings to a child in need. We know the joy and happiness that adoption brings to the adoptive family. We believe the adoption process is amazing and it is a blessing to all involved. It is our privilege to join you on your adoption journey.

Hauge-COANational Council for Adoption
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