Our Team

MLJ Adoptions is a team of professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Together we have the expertise to help you through the process and make adoption a rewarding process. Read more about each of us below:

Executive Leadership

  • Michele L. Jackson, Executive Director and Adoption Attorney
  • Brooke Randolph, Vice President of Social Services
  • Nicole Skellenger, Chief Operating Officer and Adoption Attorney

International Programs

  • Sonja Brown, African and Pacific Island Program Director
  • Jen Gavin, Assistant Program Director
  • Stacy Jacobs, Assistant Program Director
  • Amy Moore, Special Needs Program Coordinator
  • Lydia Tarr, Eastern Europe and The Americas Program Director

Social Services

  • Lauren Hacker, Adoption Preparation Manager & Adoption Ministry Coordinator
  • Nikki Lux, Adoption Preparation Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Nelson, Home Study Assistant
  • Meghan Rivard, Home Study Assistant
  • Melanie Obremski, Home Study Assistant
  • Angela Simpson, Post Adoption Coordinator and Adoption Preparation Assistant

Office Operations

  • Julie Conner, Staff Accountant
  • Jordan Kelly, Agency Assistant
  • Sheri Molnar, Accounting Manager
  • Camie Schuiteman, Financial Resources Coordinator