Four Ways Social Media Has Positively Impacted Adoption

Social media has revolutionized the way humans interact with one another. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and the various other social media platforms have allowed people to develop relationships outside of their cities, towns, states and countries. People are interconnected in new ways. The world feels smaller than ever before. Today we are sharing four …


Lessons From the Kitchen Table

I recently attended a family event in Tennessee, my home state, where I got to visit with many extended family members and old friends, people I unfortunately get to see entirely too seldom. We spent time at my aunt’s home, my sister’s house and my in-laws’ home and much of that time was spent chatting …


Photo of the Week

We appreciate when visitors stop by the office! David Michael Latt and his family adopted from Africa with MLJ Adoptions five years ago. Our team enjoyed having the opportunity to see pictures of his child, and hear about how adoption has changed their lives. David is a film producer, and produced the movies Sharknado 1, …


Bulgaria is International Adoption Success Story

MLJ Adoptions’ Bulgaria program is an excellent option for families desiring to adopt a single child, a sibling group, or children with special needs. Bulgaria is a Hague Convention Country which introduces a level of stability and predictability into the international adoption process. In 2014, 18 children came home to MLJ Adoptions’ families. We are thankful …


Who Can Adopt from Samoa?

Samoa is an island nation located in the South Pacific, with the closest neighbor being New Zealand. Due to its remoteness, many people have not heard of it and locating it on a map may be difficult. Despite it’s small population, approximately 200,000, there continues to be a need for adoptive families to open their homes …


MLJ Adoptions Receives Referral from Haiti!

MLJ Adoptions is thrilled to announce that one of our families adopting from Haiti received their referral this week of a two year old boy!  For adoptive parents, waiting for a potential match is one of the hardest aspects of international adoption.  MLJ Adoptions happily celebrates with this family and looks forward to walking along …

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