MLJ Hosts Empowered to Connect Live Stream Event

On April 10th and 11th, in partnership with Empowered to Connect, MLJ Adoptions will be livecasting the Empowered to Connect conference occurring in San Antonio, Texas. Our livecast is open to everyone and will take place in Indianapolis, IN. Throughout the training, Dr. Purvis, together with Michael & Amy Monroe, will educate  adoptive and foster …


Meeting Your Adoptive Child for the First Time

Meeting your adoptive child for the first time might be a magical moment, but it also could be traumatic or disappointing for either or both you and your child. Adoptive parents look forward to this day with intense anticipation, but this anticipation may lead to unrealistic expectations. You are excited, nervous and scared. Remember, your …


Photo of the Week

This sweet kiddo stopped by the office today and got to try out the drum circle for tomorrow! We cannot wait for the Africa Party! If you are interested in learning more about adoption from Samoa or Africa, please email  


Families Can Assist with Affording Adoption

International adoption requires the services of many professionals so the cost can be considerable. Families often turn to fundraising for affording adoption. Involving family and friends in an adoption is not only an important way to educate them about adoption but also a good way for them to offer both financial and emotional support. This will …


Where in the World is Burkina Faso?

Burkina Faso is MLJ Adoptions’ newest adoption program. It’s a country about the size of Colorado located in Western Africa. Even though it is home to 18 million people, the country is not yet a household name. Today, we introduce you to the newest country we have the privilege of serving. Where is Burkina Faso …

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