MLJ Adoptions Announces Approval Renewed in Haiti

MLJ Adoptions, Inc. is thrilled to announce we are one of eighteen agencies reapproved to serve Haitian children in need of international adoption. Haiti became a Hague Convention Country in April 2014 and they are currently working implementing their new Hague compliant policies and procedures. The central authority in Haiti, Institut du Bien Etre Social …


A Family for Every Child at the Holidays

When MLJ Adoptions first opened its Congo program, I traveled to Congo and, during a visit to a Congolese orphanage, I was told by the orphanage director that the one thing that all orphaned children hope and wish for is a family. At the time I thought, “What a sad and profound statement.” Recently, I …


How to Help Your Child Through the Holidays

Holidays, while a time to be joyful and celebrate, can be an emotionally difficult time for children who have been adopted. Nora Sharp of A Family for Every ChildĀ provides some suggestions for helping your child get through the holiday season. First and foremost, try and understand your child’s feelings. This may be difficult especially if …