Why Should You Choose to Adopt from a Hague Convention Country?

In October of this year, MLJ Adoptions introduced its fourth international adoption program from a Hague Convention Country. Burkina Faso is now an option for prospective adoptive families who are interested in both adopting from Africa and adopting from a Hague Convention Country. But as prospective adoptive parents, why might you select a Hague Convention Country …


Adoption Photo of the Week

Here in Indiana we are wishing for the time where it was just leaves on the ground! What happened to fall? If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Adoption Photo of the Week, please email Lauren[at]


How to Open an International Adoption Program

Sonja Brown, MLJ Adoptions’ Program Director for Africa and Asia, used to scare me. After working several years in international adoption, Sonja has a confidence that is not easily rattled. She sits calmly behind her desk answering all the questions that are thrown her way throughout the day. As the Program Director of MLJ Adoptions’ …


MLJ Adoptions Offers Hague Adoption Option From Africa

There are millions of children in need of loving, stable families all over the world. We hear the statistics all the time. However, when you see the faces of these children without families, you know they are so much more than numbers. For this reason, the staff of MLJ Adoptions is introducing Burkina Faso, our ninth international …