How to Handle Your Adoptive Child’s Indiscriminate Affection

Adoptive parents sometimes struggle with their adoptive child acting too familiar or even affectionate with strangers. While many children who have a secure attachment have a good sense of boundaries and take social cues from their parents, children raised in institutions may have no sense of personal space and show affection indiscriminately. Indiscriminate affection describes …


A Taste of Ukraine: Ukrainian Salad Recipe

One easy way to celebrate the culture of your internationally adopted child is to prepare foods from their birth countries. During the summer, a great treat for my four Ukrainian children is what we call our “Ukrainian Salad.” Its name may be a bit misleading, as it seems any chopped up dish with vegetables can …


Nichols’ Bulgaria Adoption Story

Please introduce your family. We are Joel and Amy Nichols from Lawrenceville, Georgia. What led you to international adoption? Joel’s younger sister is adopted from Korea and we have always wanted to adopt internationally as well. What country did you adopt from and why did you choose that country? At our initial meeting with MLJ, …


Adoption Photo of the Week

We love getting family pictures and updates on how are clients are doing post adoption! Isn’t this family just beautiful?   If you would like your family to be featured in an upcoming Adoption Photo of the Week, please email Lauren.