What to Expect During Your Home Study Process

Whether adoptive parents are seeking to adopt a child internationally or domestically, families must complete a home study. The home study process can seem daunting but, in fact, it is nothing to fear. A home study is needed in adoption, whether you are adopting internationally or domestically and is a snapshot of you, your spouse …


Children’s Book Review: Chosen by Love

Having just written a blog on “sacrificial saving” for your adoption, I confess my downfall is believing books are needs and not wants!  So, when I discovered an adoption book for children that did not grace my bookshelf, I entered the EBay world. Chosen By Love, written by Tom Jaski, is a faith-based story about …


Why Should You Adopt from Latin America?

Did you know that Latin America is not determined by geography? Instead, a country is considered a Latin American country if a majority of the population speaks one of the romance languages. The romance languages include Spanish, French and Portuguese, all of which descended from Latin. There are similarities in vocabulary, verbiage and sentence structure …


Adoption Photo of the Week

While our Bulgaria staff is in Indianapolis this week for training, they met up with some local families with children who are home! A beautiful group of people, indeed!   If you would like a photo to be featured in an upcoming Adoption Photo of the Week, please email Lauren.