Adopting a Child is a Lifelong Commitment

I have assisted in processing hundreds of international adoptions.  Since I am a practicing attorney, I have also assisted in situations in which adoptive parents decide they can no longer parent the child they adopted. These are often called adoption dissolutions or disruptions. While some of these situations arise because adoptive parents aren’t adequately prepared …


Take Care When Completing Your Adoption Dossier

One of the first steps in the adoption process is to gather and complete several documents that will become your dossier. Your dossier gives all the authorities involved in your adoption process a “window” to analyze your family, your home and your life. The purpose of the dossier is to show that you meet all …


Advocate Today for a Refundable Adoption Tax Credit

Today is April 15th or Tax Day, the day by which thousands of families will be claiming the Adoption Tax Credit for their adoptions finalized in 2013. The adoption tax credit, with a maximum of $12,970 in 2013, has helped to offset the high cost of adoption for hundreds of thousands of families since it …


Bulgaria Referrals: Above and Beyond Expectations

There are many great benefits for families who choose to adopt from Bulgaria.  One of the benefits we have found that is most appealing to prospective adoptive families is the detailed child referral.  Many sending countries, especially those overwhelmed by poverty, do not have the ability to provide parents with detailed information on a referred …