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What Will My Referral Look Like from Mexico?

We are very excited about receiving our first referrals in our Mexico program! Our first family was matched with a sibling set of two, 7 and 11 years old. From the time their dossiers were submitted to the adoption authority in Mexico to when they received their referrals, this family waited only seven months to …


Important Milestone Achieved in Mexico Program

MLJ Adoptions is thrilled to announce that we have received our first referrals from Mexico! Receiving the first referral is a critical milestone in the development of an international adoption program. The MLJ Adoptions’ international program staff has worked very hard over the past years to receive the approval needed to work in Mexico and is …


Helping Your Adopted Child Learn to Trust

Time is your ally in helping your child build a trusting relationship with you. Most of us are aware of the negative effects that abuse, neglect and abandonment have on a child’s developing brain. Any of these unpleasant life experiences can alter the child’s ability to function in society, socially relate to other people and …


Our Top 10 Blogs about Adopting from Bulgaria

We are very proud of our Bulgaria International Adoption Program. Already in 2015, our families have brought home five children and received four referrals. Adopting from Bulgaria continues to be a popular option for families wishing to add to their families through adoption.  We have written extensively about our Bulgaria program in this blog. In …


Five Ways to Honor an Adoptive Mother-To-Be on Mother’s Day

Completing an international adoption requires enough paperwork to kill dozens of trees. And imagine dealing with the red tape of not only your own state and federal governments but also the government agencies of another country! All in an effort to obtain that final piece of paper that says this family you’ve been imagining can …

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