Post Adoption Services for Your Family

It is very common for adoptive families to need supportive services after an adoption is finalized. Often, when a child is adopted, they may have some identified needs but more often, unidentified or unknown needs can develop later in the adoption process which require specialized skills and services to adequately address. Post Adoption Services (PAS)  …


Adoption Photo of the Week

This kiddo enjoyed himself at last year’s Bulgaria Open House! We’re all ready to have a ton of fun at this year’s Eastern European Adoption Day! We hope we’ll see you there on Saturday! If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Adoption Photo of the Week, please email Lauren.


How to Adopt a Roma Child

As Americans, we may be less familiar with the historical discrimination against the Romani people. This may be because we do not have the same long-standing tension with the Romani people as is seen in many parts of Europe. Often Romani people are referred to as “gypsy,” though this term can be considered derogatory among …