Why Spanking is Not Effective for an Adopted Child

The topic of spanking has been debated for decades, with arguments surfacing such as, “I was spanked and turned out just fine” and the ever popular “but if I spank him the first time, he’ll know not to do it again.” Spanking is a physical means to address inappropriate behavior and it may actually stop …


Ms. Skellenger is named CEO of MLJ Adoptions

There are some exciting changes occurring within the leadership structure of MLJ Adoptions this month. Effective September 1st, I have stepped aside from my role as Chief Executive Officer and have begun serving as President and Chairman of the MLJ Adoptions’ Advisory Board. Also effective September 1st, Nicole Skellenger, Chief Operating Officer and our primary Adoption …


Adoption Photo of the Week

In light of our Annual Adoption Picnic tomorrow, here is a look at everyone who came out to the event last year! We hope many more of you join us this year!   If you would like to see more photos from last year’s event, visit our Facebook page!


What is a Primary Provider in International Adoption?

What does a “primary provider” do in an international adoption? We have been receiving inquiries from several families that have begun an independent international adoption and are now looking for a “primary provider.” A primary provider is a Hague Accredited or Approved Adoption Service Provider (ASP) that is responsible for your international adoption. The ASP must …


MLJ Adoptions Hosts Eastern European Adoption Day

We have much to celebrate this year with our Bulgaria international adoption program! Not only have we given twenty-one referrals to our families in 2014, but we are thrilled to have welcomed home eleven children to permanent, loving homes. On Saturday, October 25th, MLJ Adoptions will host an Eastern European Adoption Day to celebrate! We …