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Meet Adriana!

Name: Adriana Tebbe Title at MLJ: Coordinator for Latin American Adoptions What do you actually do with MLJ? I help families through the dossier process and answer all questions they may have. I deal directly with our lawyers in the chosen country and gather any needed information from them for families. What is your favorite part about what …


Why Do I Need a Primary Provider to Adopt My Mexican Relative?

Some of the most frequent inquiries we receive about our Mexico international adoption program are from individuals and attorneys with questions about adopting relatives from Mexico. Families looking to begin the adoption process and even for those who have Mexican adoption decrees must still go through the same international adoption process as non-relatives. It may …


Four Ways Social Media Has Positively Impacted Adoption

Social media has revolutionized the way humans interact with one another. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and the various other social media platforms have allowed people to develop relationships outside of their cities, towns, states and countries. People are interconnected in new ways. The world feels smaller than ever before. Today we are sharing four …


Lessons From the Kitchen Table

I recently attended a family event in Tennessee, my home state, where I got to visit with many extended family members and old friends, people I unfortunately get to see entirely too seldom. We spent time at my aunt’s home, my sister’s house and my in-laws’ home and much of that time was spent chatting …

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