Celebrities Draw Attention to Poverty Stricken Nations

I will admit that one of my vices is reading celebrity magazines.  I am sure I am not the only one considering circulation ratings and the population of worldwide audiences.  Sometimes I do come across an interesting article that touches home.  I love reading about famous personalities who are using their celebrity to further a …


Do You Want to Make a Difference for Children in Need?

We need your help. Since its inception in 2008, MLJ Adoptions has placed over 250 children in loving, permanent homes. That’s over 250 children who are no longer languishing in institutions, but instead, thriving with loving families. With programs in nine countries, the operations of MLJ Adoptions are complex and require a diverse set of leaders with a …


Two Referral Paths for Adopting from Bulgaria

Families adopting from Bulgaria have two paths to a referral: obtaining a traditional referral from the Ministry of Justice or applying to the Ministry of Justice to adopt a specific waiting child from the Waiting Child Photolisting.  The photolisting spotlights children in Bulgaria, and MLJ Adoptions’ other country programs, who are currently legally free for …


Survival Behaviors: Lying and Stealing

When prospective adoptive parents talk about how they hope that others will describe their children, “honesty, respect, and trustworthiness” are usually pretty high on the characteristics list. Since these characteristics are so highly valued, behaviors such as lying and stealing can be very difficult and discouraging for parents to handle because parents may feel like …


Photo of the Week

This one year-old boy came home from Nicaragua with his forever family this week! If you would like your children to be featured as our photo of the week, please email

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