Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week features MLJ Adoptions founding and lead attorney in DRC who lost her life earlier this week. Our staff has been deeply saddened by the loss of such a wonderful woman. Marie was a unique and extremely gifted individual with a huge personality (and smile) that brought so much joy, …


Bulgaria Adoption Story: Hunckler Family

  Adoption not only changes the lives of children, but also the lives of the rest of the family. We are delighted to introduce one of our courageous MLJ Adoptions’ Families who adopted from Bulgaria. They continue to be richly blessed by their family, built through international adoption!


“I’M READY” for Adoption

While driving, I have a tendency to read the signs posted at churches and businesses. You know, the ones that give a small bit of life advice and awareness. This morning I saw one that said, “Life Begins When You Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone.” How true that statement is for those who decide …


#Share4Adoption 2015

I came across a really cool picture on my friends Facebook page, my friend’s hand making half a heart connected to a Wendy’s cup with the other half of the heart. I kept on scrolling, like many of us do when on social media. Then this morning I was playing around on Pinterest and started …


Visit Prompts Sharing of Adoptive Children’s History

An adoptive parent stopped by our offices for a visit with her two adopted children. One child was adopted several years ago from Eastern Europe, the second was adopted from Africa. It always makes my day to see firsthand the benefits of adoption to our children and families. Over the years in working in adoption, …

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