Who can adopt from Mexico?

Mexico Adoptions

  • Couples married for at least three years both of whom are at least 25 years old may adopt from Mexico.
  • Single women who are at least 25 years old may adopt from Mexico.
  • Parents must be at least 18 and no more than 45 years older than the child they intend to adopt.
  • Additional stipulations may be determined by your government to apply for an orphan visa if you live outside of the United States.

Who are the children in Mexico that are in need a family?

  • Children in need of families are typically five years or older.
  • Both boys and girls are in need of families. Gender preferences may be specified.
  • Children from Mexico may need to be placed in families through international adoption due to economic hardship, lack of acceptance of unwed mothers and medical reasons where parents lack the financial resources to meet the needs of their biological children.
  • Sibling groups are in need of families.
  • Children with special needs are in need of families.
  • Children are primarily of Hispanic ancestry. 

How much travel is required?

  • Two to four trips are required. Additional visits are optional.
  • Parents will meet with State DIF (before referral). This is an optional trip, however it is encouraged as a way to establish a relationship between the parents and the State DIF and may help accelerate the matching process. Both parents must travel for this trip which is expected to be two to three days in length.
  • Both parents must travel to meet the referred child(ren). This trip is expected to take one to two weeks depending on the bonding and attachment process.
  • The court may request parents to attend the court hearing (judge’s discretion). The length of this trip is not known, but could range from one day to two weeks. It is unlikely that this trip will be required, but as a pilot program we want families to be fully aware of this possibility.
  • Both parents must travel on the final trip to sign for their child’s birth certificate and passport. Parents must also complete the visa process during this trip. The length of this trip is expected to be two weeks.
  • Additional visit trips are optional. Parents may only visit referred child(ren) with the permission of MLJ Adoptions and the children’s home. Families may also be able to Skype with their referred child(ren) during the process.

How long does the adoption process take?

The process is not considered started until your dossier arrives in the country; the time to receive the referral is 6-18 months depending on age and gender of child desired. Referrals will be given by priority to and balanced by several variables; order of dossier received, child you are requesting (age, gender, health status), and the needs of the child will be placed first. The typical timeframe to complete an adoption from Mexico is two years after the dossier is received in the country. However, familial adoptions are typically completed in a shorter time frame.

Why adopt from Mexico?

Mexico is party to the Hague Convention and has a transparent adoption process. Families with ties to the Latin American community, who speak Spanish or have adopted from another Latin American country such as Guatemala, should consider adopting from Mexico. Mexico’s geographical proximity allows adoptive children and families to continue a relationship of service to the country.

Why use MLJ Adoptions to adopt from Mexico?

MLJ Adoptions is Hague approved, bonded and licensed child placing agency. Both our foreign and domestic staff includes attorneys who are well versed in the international adoption process with full understanding of Mexican law as well as the US Federal laws and regulations related to international adoption and orphan visas. Employing the services of in house attorneys means that everyone involved in your adoption process understands the requirements to obtain an adoption decree in Mexico. MLJ Adoptions’ domestic staff travels to Mexico at least once a year or has the staff from Mexico travel to the US to keep abreast of the latest information available and to keep the program running smoothly. We know firsthand that keeping up to date on the most current information available and staying personally involved in each of our programs makes our programs more efficient and is of vital importance.

As a pilot program, there are inherently additional risks associated with adopting from a newer country program. Please be aware that these risks can include things like a longer process than originally anticipated, changes in the requirements of the country you are adopting from, increased fees and changes in travel requirements (this information is meant to give Parent(s) examples, and not intended to be an exhaustive list of additional risks).

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Country information is to be considered general information and subject to change. The information is based upon state, federal, foreign, and international law, as well as our own business policies.