Caitlin Snyder


Director of Marketing and Outreach


Caitlin Snyder works as the Outreach Coordinator for MLJ Adoptions. She is responsible for speaking with families at the beginning of the process, educating them on MLJ Adoptions’ country programs and what the different stages of their adoption journey will include. She is also responsible for maintaining MLJ Adoptions’ Waiting Child Photolisting. Her favorite part of her job is advocating for the world’s most vulnerable children. She does this through educating prospective adoptive parents about the need in each of MLJ Adoptions’ nine country programs and by sharing about waiting children who are in need of immediate families through international adoption.

Being raised in loving permanent family empowered Caitlin to be better and seek excellence, always remembering she is deeply loved. Her parents tirelessly encouraged her to take risks, chase after her dreams, set goals and give back to her community. It was due to her exposure to other cultures and global poverty that she realized at an early age that her life wasn’t just about her, but how she could use her experiences and skills to positively benefit others. Working in international adoption has given Caitlin the unique opportunity to pursue both a passion and a profession at the same time.

When she is not at work, Caitlin enjoys running, reading, writing and cooking. She loves planning parties and hosting events for her friends, watching other people connect and develop relationships with one another. A lover of people, Caitlin is fascinated by hearing other people’s stories, and helping others tell their stories well.

Caitlin earned her Bachelor’s degree in sociology with minors in nonprofit management and religious studies from Indiana University.  Prior to working at MLJ Adoptions, she interned with an international orphan care organization called, Back2Back Ministries, where she saw firsthand the transformative work happening on all sides of caring for the orphan.