Camie Schuiteman

Adoption Advocate

CamieCamie Schuiteman is privileged to serve MLJ families as an Adoption Advocate. A desire to assist and encourage adoptive families was birthed out of her family’s adoption in 2006 of two Vietnamese toddlers. Believing the Biblical mandate of James 1:27, the Schuiteman family became MLJ clients and entered the adoption world.

Camie is a busy mother of six, grandmother of two, educator, pastor’s wife, and advocate for the fatherless. Through much prayer, family & church support, and grant writing, the Schuitemans were able to raise about $50,000 to complete their adoption from Vietnam. Since then, the Schuiteman family participated in MLJ Adoptions’ Hosting Program, and pursued an adoption from Ukraine in 2016. Camie has also been trained in strategies to assist adoptive parents in bringing hope and healing to their children. She has taught connecting principles to adoptive and foster families in the US as well as in Malawi.

Having experienced pre- and post-adoption journeys, it is Camie’s passion to encourage other adoptive families who are traveling the same road. Despite the bumps along the journey, she knows that lifelong blessings await the adoptive family. The child’s life and that of the adoptive family will be revolutionized. It is an indescribable feeling to help an orphan experience God’s love for the very first time! Yes, the journey is costly. Yes, the journey is at times emotionally draining. Jim Elliot’s words are appropriate – “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” The treasure at the end of the adoption journey far outweighs the cost.