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Father Son AdoptionMLJ Adoptions believes that all children belong in families and that growing up with the love, care, and protection of a family is absolutely crucial for a child’s development and well-being. The science is excruciatingly clear that a loving relationship with a caring adult is a critical element of healthy human development.

The United States, through various government agencies, gives $2.9 billion in services to children around the world but virtually none of it directly places a priority on keeping children in families or moving children without into families. Millions of children must live in this world without the love and protection of a permanent, safe family leaving them vulnerable to abuse, violence, trafficking, and emotional damage. We are committed to advocating for children in need of loving, permanent families.

Save the Adoption Tax Credit

atc-final-logo-gifThe adoption tax credit provides financial benefits to families that open their homes to children through adoption from foster care, intercountry adoption, or private domestic adoption.

The adoption tax credit, with a maximum of $12,970 in 2013, has helped to offset the high cost of adoption for hundreds of thousands of families since it was established in 1997. The IRS estimates that the credit benefited 96,949 children and their families in 2010. With more than 100,000 children in U.S. foster care available for adoption and countless millions of orphans and abandoned children around the world, the continuation of the adoption tax credit is vital to providing love, safety, and permanency through adoption to as many children as possible.

In order to assure that the adoption tax credit not only continues to exist but becomes refundable and available to more families, we encourage all stakeholders in adoption to reach out today to your representatives and show your support for the adoption tax credit. Use talking points from the ATC Tax Reform Letter to make sure your Members of Congress are aware of how important the adoption tax credit is.

Following are some suggestions to make your outreach most effective:

  • Be sure to say, “I am a constituent.”
  • If you’re calling, ask for the staff person that handles tax issues or adoption-related issues for the office. If no one is available, leave a detailed message with contact information.
  • Be direct in your request: “I want my member of Congress to become a co-sponsor of the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act: S.1056/H.R.2144.” [On the Senate side, refer to S. 1056. Use H.R. 2144 on the House side.]
  • Make it relevant. Share your personal adoption experience and explain why the refundable adoption tax credit is important.
  • If possible, when visiting D.C., try to make an appointment.
  • Follow up and thank the staff and member of Congress when they become a cosponsor.
  • If your legislator has not signed on, find out why and try to further educate him or her on the issue.