Bulgaria Adoption Story: The Nance Family

My name is Angel, and my husband Nathaniel and I have four children: Elijah (13), Malachi (12), Lydia (7), and Gyunay (4).  We adopted Gyunay from Bulgaria at the age of 2 ½.  He has been home for 2 years this month, and we have a hard time remembering life without him. I’ve always wanted …


What Happens When Families are Matched with a Child from Bulgaria?

The international adoption process is a long one, and adoption from Bulgaria is no exception. Families diligently wade through mounds of paperwork, get fingerprinted numerous times, complete their education, submit their dossier, soak up everything they can about adopting from Bulgaria, and wait, wait, and wait some more. After what seems like an eternity, families …


Adopting from Ukraine – the Referral Process

What is the referral process like for families adopting from Ukraine? Ukraine issues a “blind referral,” which means that a family doesn’t receive a referral prior to travel. Instead, families are invited for an appointment with the Central Adoption Authority, the State Department for Adoptions and Protection of the Rights of the Child (SDAPRC), commonly referred to …


Five Reasons to Consider Adoption from Bulgaria

Adoption from Bulgaria continues to be an excellent option, especially because of its flexible eligibility requirements. There is no marriage length requirement, no maximum number of children in the home, and single women are eligible to adopt from Bulgaria. Beyond its openness to adoptive families, there are several other reasons to consider adopting from Bulgaria: …


Getting Started: Schedule an Initial Consultation Today!

If you’re considering international adoption, chances are, you’re already overwhelmed! The internet is a wonderful, beautiful place, until it’s not. Information overload happens so quickly, adoption stories can be so emotional, and before you know it, you have headed down a rabbit trail of adoption nightmares and worst case scenarios with tears in your eyes …


What Kinds of Foods Can I Expect to See in Haiti?

In June, I was fortunate to go to Haiti, one of our partner countries which comprises the western third of the island of Hispaniola. It is a relatively small country with large mountain ranges, open plains, some virgin forests and, of course, the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. Many of our clients often ask …


Four Reasons to Attend “Empowered to Connect”

Whether you’re in the process of adopting, have already adopted, are considering adoption, work with children from hard places, or maybe just read The Connected Child book and still don’t completely understand how it works, the Empowered to Connect Conference is for you! This conference provides an introduction to research-based interventions for at-risk children, presented by …


What Happens After We Receive a Referral from Haiti?

Receiving a referral is no doubt one of the most anticipated milestones during the adoption process! For families adopting from Haiti we have provided a snapshot of what happens once you are matched with a child. Identifying and Referring the Children – In Haiti, the Central Authority in the country, Institut du Bien Etre Social …


Facing the Bathroom Blues

Every parent seems to have questions about potty training, and new adoptive parents often wonder if their child’s behavior is “normal” or not. Recently, a parent contacted me about her child who had just arrived in the US. She was definitely experiencing the “bathroom blues” with her toddler- see if this sounds familiar: “Potty training has …


What Everyone Must Understand About the Adoption Tax Credit

The adoption tax credit can be a wonderful benefit to families looking to add to their family through international adoption! But, it is important that families understand fully how the adoption tax credit works before they make the decision to adopt internationally, especially if they are depending on the tax credit to afford adoption. The …


Taking a Drive Through Haiti

Parents adopting from Haiti often ask us what it will be like when they arrive in their child’s native country. They want to know what to expect, what to prepare for and what to bring to make their trip more meaningful. One of our families actually asked if we could shoot a video while driving through …

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