Update: Special Needs Adoption from Burkina Faso

Several times a year, MLJ Adoptions receives a list of children in Burkina Faso currently waiting to be adopted by families. This list is made available to the families in our Burkina Faso program, specifically those with dossiers already in country. While Burkina Faso does have healthy children under the age of six years old ...

Photo of the Week

It’s a special weekend! We are thankful for all the amazing dad’s out there parenting children who joined their families biologically or through adoption!   If you would like your child to be featured as our Photo of the Week, email

What I Have Learned About International Adoption

Chances are, you are reading this because you are somehow connected to the international adoption community. You have adopted, are in the process, or are thinking about it; or you are a family member or friend of someone who has adopted. This means you probably know far more about international adoption than I did when ...

Celebrating Ten Years!

A little over 11 years ago, on the northside of Indianapolis, Sonja Brown and I met with Michele Jackson to discuss the steps to becoming an adoption agency. Little did we know how much we would grow in 10 years! Initially starting out with a program for Ukraine, we started preparing to  launch programs in ...

More Referrals Received from Bulgaria!

As 2017 came to a close, we were excited about the number of referrals and children who had come in our Bulgaria program. It was our best year to date serving children in need of families and the families in the program! Until this year! Since the beginning of 2018, seven children have been matched ...

We Can Do Hard Things!

A good friend and colleague of mine has a sign in her office that says, “We can do hard things.” During the last year I have found myself reminding myself of this phrase often, mostly in reference to my personal adoptive parenting journey. I’m sure I’ve said it many times that adoptive parenting isn’t easy, ...

Ten Tips for Making Family Road Trips Bearable!

“Are we there yet?!” “How much longer?!” “I’m bored!” Road trips can sometimes feel like they’re never going to end! With summer break just around the corner, you and your family may have road trips planned. To some, long car rides can be stressful and boring. Your children might be over the road trip after ...

Why I Am Passionate About International Adoption

Being a social worker, I have always been drawn to advocating for the rights of vulnerable populations, the populations that cannot speak up or fight for themselves, specifically children. As a child, one has to rely solely on others for love, protection and for their needs to be met and this makes them one of ...

A Cry Like No Other

I was reading Shaoey and Dot by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman one day during the time I was waiting to adopt my two Ukrainian daughters, and the words in the book shook me to my core. I was so devastated I had to stop reading the book and get myself together before finishing ...

Traveling to Ukraine

Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to Ukraine for international adoption purposes. What an amazing trip! It turned out to be so much more than I was expecting and I truly enjoyed meeting the friendly Ukrainians we encountered. If you are traveling to Ukraine for an international adoption, prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure! ...

Seeking a Family for a Sibling Group!

Our in-country staff in Bulgaria recently shared information with MLJ Adoptions regarding a sibling set of five boys who are currently waiting for a family! We are thankful for the opportunity to advocate for these brothers. They range in ages from 13 to 9, (their real names are Shawn, Josef, Sammy, Migel, and Arthur). These ...

Using All Five Senses to Calm Down

If you’re a parent or have been around children often, you’ve likely witnessed a child (or more!) melting down or throwing a temper tantrum. Children can sometimes have difficulty regulating their emotions, especially if developmentally they have not yet reached that milestone.  Parents need to have tools to help their children regulate their emotions when ...

MLJ Can Assist with Relative Adoptions!

Relative adoptions, also known as a kinship adoption, are an option in many countries for vulnerable children. But the process is determined by several factors, including the sending and receiving country’s adoption laws and whether the countries are signatory to the Hague Convention. All countries however, must observe that the best interests of the child ...

Consider Adopting a Sibling Group of 3 Children!

Where’s the need? How can we speed up the waiting process? These are two of the most common questions families ask at the beginning of the adoption process. Families adopting from Bulgaria can expect to wait 18-36 months to be matched with a child from when their dossier is submitted to the Ministry of Justice. ...

I’m Visiting Ukraine – What Should I Eat?

Ukrainian Proverb: Eat good food, sleep well at night; God will keep your health just right. When you don’t know the language, the letters as written on a menu are very different from what you understand, and you’re not familiar with the local cuisine, dining out in a different country seems very difficult! However, I ...
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