Mantras for Connected Parenting

One thing I’ve learned in parenting is that yelling is not effective. Yelling at my children creates fear and sends them into fight-or-flight mode. However, staying calm and not yelling when you walk into your daughter’s room after she’s poured lotion all over the carpet can be very difficult! Or when she’s flushed a hand …


Back-to-School Adoption Resources

Back-to-school season is full of transitions for all families. Some of these transitions can be especially difficult for children from hard places. They may cause anxiety, more frequent meltdowns or difficult behavior. Since school is such an important and significant part of a child’s life, as an adoption agency, MLJ Adoptions works towards preparing parents …


A Fundraising Option: Adopt Together

In a perfect world, those of us committed to finding forever homes for children in need would provide services free of charge. However, this is not the reality, as individuals working in adoption have their own personal commitments of supporting families and paying monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries. Dedication to finding homes …


What Does a Referral from Burkina Faso Look Like?

Receiving a referral is a definite highlight in most families’ adoption journeys! It’s one of the most anticipated moments; waiting, waiting, waiting and then months later, the phone rings and it’s THE REFERRAL! MLJ Adoptions recently had our first family receive a referral in our Burkina Faso program. This family waited seven months to be …


Tell Me About Traveling to Bulgaria!

Most countries require that a family travels to complete their adoption. Adopting from Bulgaria is no exception. Travel can be overwhelming for families; hopefully these frequently asked questions will assist you in better understanding what travel to Bulgaria may look like. How many trips are required? Families adopting from Bulgaria will travel to the country …


MLJ Celebrates Five Years Working in Samoa!

MLJ Adoptions opened the Samoa international adoption program in 2011, and we are happily celebrating our five year anniversary! While Samoa is a relatively small program, it has seen many successes.  Since opening the program, we have welcomed 28 children home to their forever families!  MLJ recently expanded the program to include families from Canada …


Jordan Windle: Adoptee, Olympic Athlete, and Role Model

The Olympics are being held this summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with opening ceremonies beginning on August 5th and continuing through the closing ceremonies on August 21st.  Going back as early as 776 B.C. in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of sporting achievement for all athletes. The games and competitions provide a chance …


Back-to-School Tips for Adoptive Parents

As I prepare to send my kids back to school, I’m mentally making a list of tasks that I need to get done as the new school year approaches. If you’re a parent of a child through adoption, your list likely has additional tasks other than just buying school supplies, books, and clothes for the new …


Bulgaria Adoption Program Demonstrates Consistency!

When a child first learns to walk, usually he wobbles around. His steps start and stop, and are rarely stable. As he gets better with more practice, his pace, steps and stability all become more consistent. While the wobbling is endearing and exciting for a parent, the goal is consistent walking. Developing a habit, learning …


Three Reasons to Consider Adoption from Ukraine

Adoption from Ukraine has various benefits for families and children. Since 2010, between 300 and 650 children have joined U.S. families from Ukraine each year1. While it is a less popular adoption program than in years past- a decade low of 303 children joined their families in 2015- it is still an adoption program that …


Common Misconceptions About Adopting Older Children

Adoption is hard. Adopting older children can be even harder. But like with anything worthwhile, there are challenges and rewards. It is important when your family is considering the adoption of an older child to root through the truth and misconceptions of older child adoption. Older children who are adopted have likely played a more …