Exciting International Adoption Updates from MLJ!

The first three months of 2017 were exciting for MLJ Adoptions! After bringing seven children home in December 2016, we were eager to see what the new year had in store for our international adoption families. The first quarter has been full of good things! Bulgaria Six children joined their forever families from Bulgaria! They …


Why Should I Choose MLJ Adoptions To Complete My Home Study?

Do you live in Indiana? Do you need a home study or family assessment for your domestic, relative, kinship, step-parent, international, or embryo adoption? Do you need a host home safety review for hosting an international orphan? Do you want professional services, experienced staff, a licensed and accredited agency, and timely responsive assistance? Do you …


Overview of the International Adoption Process

International adoption involves state, federal and foreign entities including social workers, adoption professionals, government officials, judges, attorneys, caregivers and immigration workers. Before you get overwhelmed because, “Man, that’s a lot of people involved!” let’s walk through the process. This is a general overview, and each country program will differ, but hopefully you’ll gain an overall …


Accepting Families into our Haiti Adoption Program!

MLJ Adoptions is very excited to announce that we are able to accept families into our Haiti international adoption program! Each dossier that we submit means another child is on their way to a loving, permanent home! Last year was a big year for our families adopting from Haiti. Our first two children joined their forever …


Easter in Ukraine

I was born and raised in Ukraine, and one of the sweetest memories about my childhood is our Easter celebration. Every year we gathered all together at my grandmother’s house. It was always like a family reunion since I only saw some of my relatives on Easter.This is my third Easter here in US, far away from …


Burkina Faso : What Happens During Travel to Bring Our Adopted Child Home?

Once the adoption process is finalized in the courts, and families have waited the mandatory 30-day waiting period and received their Certificate of Non-Appeal (CONA), they will receive their Adoption Order which finalizes their adoption in Burkina Faso. This means that they are now the legal parents of their adopted child! The final steps in the adoption …


Make a Difference During National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Since 1983, we have officially been celebrating and publicizing National Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States. Designed to bring together families and communities to work to prevent child abuse and neglect, the month of April challenges all of us to promote abuse prevention within our cities and towns and to help strengthen the families …


Teaching Your Adopted Child to be Resilient

Internationally adopted children have had their share of negative influences in their young lives, whether from separation and loss, abuse or neglect, loneliness and lack of affection, homelessness or institutional care, racism or rejection, or poverty and malnutrition. Whatever trauma they experienced, these powerful events have no doubt affected their well-being, self-esteem, views on life, and …


What is Special Needs Adoption?

Families often start out on their adoption journey wanting to make a difference in the life of a child. But when families contact an agency, they may be told that most of the programs they’re interested in are “Special Needs Adoption” programs. This can be a scary term, and when we have this conversation with prospective clients, they …


First Child Arrives Home from Burkina Faso!

MLJ Adoptions is thrilled to announce that our first family completed their adoption from Burkina Faso, and arrived home with their son! This is an incredible milestone for the family, as well as an exciting milestone for our organization. We are celebrating this family’s adoption journey and what it means for the future of adoptions …


Five Sensory Activities for Your Child

Does your child seem bothered by the tag in the back of their shirt? Are there certain foods that they avoid? Do they always seem to be fidgeting? These behaviors are an indication that your child may be sensory seeking or sensory avoidant. While helping your child understand their sensory needs could be an uphill battle, there are some …


What Are Eligibility Requirements in International Adoption?

When researching international adoption and deciding on a specific agency or country program, one of the initial factors you will want to consider are eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements will determine who can adopt from a specific program and/or agency.  Eligibility requirements are a combination of requirements from state and federal laws and policies, foreign laws …


How Important is Post-Adoption Support?

MLJ Adoptions talks to many families each week that are just beginning to research adoption. Many of these families ask questions about current programs and process, length of wait for placement, and other questions that have to do with the past and the present, but I don’t think that I have had any questions about the …


A Tale of Three Crèches

In Haiti, most children eligible for adoption live in crèches, or orphanages. Crèches may be funded privately or publicly, but a crèche must be approved by IBESR, the Haitian government body that oversees international adoption. From what I have observed, crèches take on the “identities” of their funders and directors; for this reason they can …

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