MLJ Adoptions Hosts 2016 Annual Picnic!

Each year, MLJ Adoptions hosts an Adoption Picnic where we invite clients and their families, prospective adoptive parents, adoption and orphan care advocates, friends and neighbors to gather together. This picnic has become a favorite event for our client families, and one that our staff looks forward to every year as well. We enjoy putting faces …


The Pros of the Process

We all know how tedious the adoption process can be. When all you want is to bring your child into your arms once and for all, it’s difficult not to crumble under the frustrations of paperwork and in-country turmoil. Lucky for you, I thrive on optimism. While there are certainly frustrations throughout, I am here …


Adopting From Samoa Fulfills a Great Need

The need for international adoption from each country can vary. Most sending countries, or countries where families adopt from, permit international adoption because of poverty. With high unemployment rates, lack of infrastructure and even cultural practices, caring for the country’s most vulnerable people – its children – can be very difficult. Therefore, international adoption allows …


Waiting Child Photolisting Gives Children an Opportunity for a Family

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures elicit an emotional response that even the most well-written sentence cannot bring about. By maintaining a Waiting Child Photolisting, MLJ Adoptions is able to provide older children from Bulgaria, Samoa, Ukraine, and other countries the opportunity to be adopted. For years, families interested in adoption have closed their …


Summer Sensory Play

Children who have experienced trauma may develop sensory seeking behaviors. These behaviors happen because the child’s brain may not function as it should, and cannot access all of the information coming in from the body, especially from the vestibular system, which handles balance and spatial orientation. As a result, the brain and the body do …


How to Learn Key Words of Your Adoptive Child’s First Language

There are many reasons learning a few key words and phrases of your adoptive child’s native language before traveling to your child’s country is important. Learning even a few phrases of your child’s native language can help you have a more meaningful interaction with your child and caregiver. Being able to understand your child’s wants …


Four Reasons to Consider Adopting from Burkina Faso

Deciding which country to adopt from is a huge decision. Families usually spend time wrestling with which country program is the best for them before making their final decision. They weigh stability, predictability, need, eligibility requirements, desires and travel throughout this decision making process. Many families are initially drawn to the need for international adoption …


Photo of the Week

‘There’s no better friend than a sister, and there’s no better sister than you!” If you would like your child to be featured as our Photo of the Week, please email


Proposed Fee Increases for USCIS

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has proposed a fee increase for some of their services, including those that will affect adoptive families. USCIS has announced these fees in the Federal Registrar for public comment. The proposed fee increases can be found here. The National Council for Adoption (NCFA) was kind enough to put together an …


Thank You Dad!

June 19th has been set aside to thank all of the wonderful fathers out there—adoptive dads, step-dads, foster dads, and biological dads—on Father’s Day. We want to acknowledge your stellar contribution to your own families as well as to your communities throughout the world. It’s our chance to show our love and respect for you …


The Beauty of Giving Voice

I am a new grandmother; well, seven incredible months into it. As Mumzi, which I am going to be called by my granddaughter, Fiona, I spend entirely too much time gazing at her pictures, re-watching her videos, and constantly being amazed at every point in her development. But really, isn’t that what a Mumzi is …