Adopting from Mexico – A 2016 Program Update!


Families adopting from Mexico in our program had an exciting 2016! After receiving our first referrals in 2015, four children were able to join their forever families this summer!

Starting a new country program is full of ups and downs, much like an adoption journey itself, and our Mexico program has been no different. Adopting from Mexico is even more of a challenge than other countries because each Mexican state has its own adoption requirements, procedures and authority. Not only do adoptive families need to be approved by the Federal DIF (or adoption authority), but they also receive State DIF approval. Before a family can be considered to be matched with a child from Mexico, their dossier is first registered with the Federal DIF, and then the State DIF. When a family is matched with a child, the referral comes from the State DIF, and is then approved by the Federal DIF. These extra steps make adopting from Mexico a longer and more difficult process.

adopting from MexicoDespite the complicated procedures and requirements, two ML
J families adopting from Mexico were able to bring their children home this year! Both families were matched with sibling groups. We are so thankful to have these children home!

The wait times you see listed below show how long the families waited to be matched with the children once their dossiers were submitted to the Federal DIF.

  • Biological Siblings, male 11 years, male 7 years – 7 month wait
  • Biological Siblings, female 2.5 years, male 1 year– 7.5 month wait

While one family was matched with a younger sibling group, all families adopting from Mexico should be prepared to accept the referral for a child(ren) up to the age of eight. It has been communicated to MLJ Adoptions and other agencies that children legally free for international adoption from Mexico are largely over the age of five. Any children who are under five years old will likely have special needs or have familial background that would prevent a Mexican family from adopting them domestically.

Right now we’re focusing on serving our families who are already in the program, and are not inviting new families to begin the process. If you’re interested in adopting from Mexico when we begin bringing new families into our program, and are open to a child up to the age of 8, contact us.

Caitlin Snyder works as the Director of Marketing and Outreach for MLJ Adoptions. Working in international adoption has given Caitlin the unique opportunity to pursue both a passion to advocate on behalf of vulnerable people and a profession at the same time.