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Affording Adoption is Possible


affording adoption is possibleWhat is holding you back from your adoption dreams? Recently my colleague Lydia Tarr brought some research to my attention. A survey had found that 26% of adults (and 38% of church going adults) had considered adopting a child, but only 2% have ever followed through. Knowing the enormous need and the deep hurt of children living without families around the world, I am inspired to speak out more about adoption to help people realize that they can do it. The things holding you back probably are not nearly as big as you think they are.

Finances always seems to be the biggest concern. The many professionals and government processes and entities necessary to complete adoption do bring a significant cost. The large number can be intimidating, but you don’t need $30,000 to start an adoption. Once the home study step is complete, there are a number of grants for which you can apply. More information about different grants and creative fundraising can be found in our Affording Adoption guide available once your application is on file. You can get a good start with the Affording Adoption seminar offered live on a regular basis or through this YouTube video.

I recently got to share a little bit about how I afforded an international adoption as a single woman (who works in social services) on the Pete the Planner radio show. While fundraising and gifts from my parents (eager to meet their newest grandson) were a part of that, I also took out an adoption loan. When I bought a car, I need a loan. While I bought a used car, it was constantly depreciating in value. My child, on the other hand, is priceless and worth every penny spent and all stress endured to bring him into my family. Beyond that, there are options for adoption-specific loans that have little to no interest. With the federal adoption tax credit, that can easily be paid back.

What is holding you back from starting the process to add to your family through adoption? There is a child that needs you. There are millions of children that desperately need families to love and protect them. You could be that family for one child? In comparison to the loneliness, vulnerability, and poverty they face, the hurdles that hold us back from adopting seem little more than stumbling blocks. I know how overwhelming it can be, but please let us – let me –  show you the resources available to make it doable both in getting through the process and parenting after adoption. It is my personal priority to encourage, equip, and empower you to achieve the goals most meaningful to you and I am always extra motivated when a vulnerable child is involved.

Brooke Randolph, LMHC, is a parent, therapist, and founding team member of MLJ Adoptions, Inc. with more than 20 years of experience working with children and families. She is the mental health expert contributor at, a national diet and fitness column; a private practice counselor in Indianapolis, Indiana; and the Vice President of PR, Outreach, and Communications at KidsFirst. She is a single adoptive mother who has authored adoption education materials and presented at numerous conferences and workshops throughout North America. Brooke is primarily motivated to encourage, equip, and empower parents and individuals to make changes that strengthen their lives, their careers, and their families.