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Adopting from Bulgaria: An October Update

Over two hundred children joined U.S. families last year from Bulgaria! It’s an increase in placements from 2015 when about 180 children joined forever families from Bulgaria. This increased number of placements demonstrates that Bulgaria is thriving adoption program! As the number of international adoptions is on the decline, more children each year from Bulgaria ...

Bulgaria Adoption Story: The DeArmond Family

Our names are Scott and Mary DeArmond and our sons are Colin (9), William (7) and Benjamin (5)! We were originally brought to adoption through our battle with infertility and deep desire to have a family. Looking back, it was all just part of our journey to our children. After we decided to adopt, we ...

Bulgaria Adoption Story: The Newbrander Family

Meet Dan & Laura Newbrander who pursued a Bulgaria Adoption. They have two sons; Sam is 2.5 years and Tom is 2 months old. Sam joined their family through international adoption from Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Adoption Story: The Jones Family

We are Ryan and Amy Jones. We have been married for 13 years, but we have known each other for 23. Ryan is a physical therapist and Amy is a part-time youth coordinator at our church. We have a 9 year old biological son, Carter. He is an energetic, silly, creative, 3rd grader! Our daughter, ...

Adopt Older Children from Bulgaria!

Children in need of families from Bulgaria are of all ages, but there is a specific need for families to adopt older children from Bulgaria. While not every family feels qualified or able to adopt an older child, several families in our Bulgaria program have seen the benefits of doing so. The age range of ...

Adopting from Bulgaria – A Current Snapshot!

Adopting from Bulgaria appeals to families looking for stable and predictable program. Prospective adoptive parents are often drawn to country programs with consistent wait times, so they can better predict how long they may wait to receive a referral. Families adopting from Bulgaria with MLJ Adoptions can expect to wait between 12-24 months from dossier ...

Adopting from Bulgaria: Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally families who are considering adoption have many questions! Adoption from Bulgaria has grown in popularity over the years, and continues to be an excellent program. Below are some of the frequently asked questions of prospective adoptive families interested in our Bulgaria program. Is it possible to adopt a baby from Bulgaria? Children who are ...

What Happens When Families are Matched with a Child from Bulgaria?

The international adoption process is a long one, and adoption from Bulgaria is no exception. Families diligently wade through mounds of paperwork, get fingerprinted numerous times, complete their education, submit their dossier, soak up everything they can about adopting from Bulgaria, and wait, wait, and wait some more. After what seems like an eternity, families ...

Five Reasons to Consider Adoption from Bulgaria

Adoption from Bulgaria continues to be an excellent option, especially because of its flexible eligibility requirements. There is no marriage length requirement, no maximum number of children in the home, and single women are eligible to adopt from Bulgaria. Beyond its openness to adoptive families, there are several other reasons to consider adopting from Bulgaria: ...

Bulgaria Adoption Story: The Diaz Family

We are Rafael and Christy Diaz.  Sofia (age 3) and Aleksandar (age 2) joined our family in July 2016 from Bulgaria! We met Sonja and Lydia at an event hosted by our church.  We then met with Nicole a few days later to gather more information and explore the details of each country’s program.  When ...

Adopting from Bulgaria – A 2016 Program Update!

This was the year of sibling groups for our families adopting from Bulgaria, with five sibling groups matched in MLJ families in 2016! These sibling groups ranged in ages, from both children being under three years old, up to a brother and sister who are thirteen and nine years old, respectively. Two of the five sibling sets ...

Tell Me About Traveling to Bulgaria!

Most countries require that a family travels to complete their adoption. Adopting from Bulgaria is no exception. Travel can be overwhelming for families; hopefully these frequently asked questions will assist you in better understanding what travel to Bulgaria may look like. How many trips are required? Families adopting from Bulgaria will travel to the country ...

Bulgaria Adoption Program Demonstrates Consistency!

When a child first learns to walk, usually he wobbles around. His steps start and stop, and are rarely stable. As he gets better with more practice, his pace, steps and stability all become more consistent. While the wobbling is endearing and exciting for a parent, the goal is consistent walking. Developing a habit, learning ...

We’re Interested in Adopting a Sibling Group; Where Should We Adopt From?

The children in need of families from each country are quite different. No child is more or less worthy of a family, but it is also important to understand how the need for adoptive families varies from country to country. Depending on the information known about a child or the procedures for completing the child’s ...

Where Do Children in Bulgaria Live?

When a family begins considering adopting from Bulgaria, one of their first questions is usually, “Where do children in Bulgaria live?” In each country, that answer is different, and in Bulgaria the answer also varies to some degree. Children in need of families in Bulgaria usually live in either an orphanage or a foster family. ...

Dedicated In Country Staff Serves Families Adopting from Bulgaria

Completing an international adoption requires a team of individuals of different skill sets, in different countries with different job responsibilities working towards the same goal – finding families for children in need. In Bulgaria, MLJ Adoptions partners with Vesta to serve the orphaned children and our adoptive families. This week, we were privileged to have ...

What is an “Approximate Time frame”?

What is the approximate time frame for an adoption from Bulgaria? It is always a bit of a struggle to answer this question. It is a question with many answers, and yet really no answer at all.

Should I Change My Adoptive Child’s Name?

A question I get asked by many of the families I work with adopting from Bulgaria is, “Should I change my child’s name?”  The answer is a truly personal choice.  When I share the names of my children, I am frequently asked why I changed my children’s name when we adopted them, as it is ...

Three Reasons to Choose MLJ Adoptions to Adopt From Bulgaria

Your family has decided to adopt from Bulgaria! What's next? Once your family has decided where, the next big question is who. Who will you partner with on your adoption journey? The agency you choose to work with to adopt from Bulgaria will be a part of your life for the duration of your adoption journey. We are excited to share three reasons you should use MLJ Adoptions to adopt from Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Adoption Story: Helton Family

Adoption not only changes the lives of children, but also the lives of the rest of the family. We are delighted to introduce one of our courageous MLJ Adoptions’ Families who adopted a child with a serious medical issue from Bulgaria. During November, National Adoption Month, MLJ Adoptions is raising money for its Special Needs Adoption ...

2015: A Year of Growth for our Bulgaria Program!

We are nearly three quarters of the way through 2015. Where does the time go? But for families waiting on referrals or waiting for their adoptive child to join their family, the time just creeps by. Our staff has been looking back on all that has happened in the past nine months in our Bulgaria ...
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