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Adopting from Africa – Which Country is Right for You?

Adopting from Africa is a popular option for American families seeking to grow their families. They are familiar with the poverty in many African countries, and are eager to meet the needs of vulnerable children. However, deciding on which African country to adopt from is a difficult decision. Unfortunately families quickly realize that critical need …


Burkina Faso : What Happens During Travel to Bring Our Adopted Child Home?

Once the adoption process is finalized in the courts, and families have waited the mandatory 30-day waiting period and received their Certificate of Non-Appeal (CONA), they will receive their Adoption Order which finalizes their adoption in Burkina Faso. This means that they are now the legal parents of their adopted child! The final steps in the adoption …


First Child Arrives Home from Burkina Faso!

MLJ Adoptions is thrilled to announce that our first family completed their adoption from Burkina Faso, and arrived home with their son! This is an incredible milestone for the family, as well as an exciting milestone for our organization. We are celebrating this family’s adoption journey and what it means for the future of adoptions …


What Happens After My Court Process is Completed in Burkina Faso?

MLJ Adoptions is celebrating with our first family to have finalized their legal adoption process in Burkina Faso! This family represents our first family in the Burkina Faso country program to become legal parents of a Burkinabe child! Following up to our last installment of what happens after you receive a referral, we detail here what …


Adopting from Burkina Faso – A 2016 Program Update!

Families adopting from Burkina Faso in our program had an exciting year in 2016! There can be a number of uncertainties in a pilot program; families are unsure of how long they will wait to be matched, the health of the children who are legally free for adoption, and how long the process will take for …


MLJ’s Second Family Receives a Referral from Burkina Faso!

Adoption agencies celebrate several milestones that adoptive families achieve during their international adoption processes, and one of the most anticipated ones is when a family is matched with a child in need. Personally, one of the most exciting calls that I make to adoptive parents is calling them to share that they have been matched with …


Adopt from Burkina Faso! Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the history of international adoption, many families have had a strong desire to adopt from Africa. With changing adoption laws, it can be difficult to predict which African countries will be options for families seeking to begin their adoption journeys. In November 2014, MLJ Adoptions opened our Burkina Faso program to help meet the …


What Happens Once We’re Matched with a Child in Burkina Faso?

For families looking to adopt from Africa, Burkina Faso is a wonderful country option. While there are many reasons why this is true, one of them is that Burkina Faso is signatory to the Hague Adoption Convention. When a family adopting from Burkina Faso is matched with a child, the process follows procedures as outlined …


What Does a Referral from Burkina Faso Look Like?

Receiving a referral is a definite highlight in most families’ adoption journeys! It’s one of the most anticipated moments; waiting, waiting, waiting and then months later, the phone rings and it’s THE REFERRAL! MLJ Adoptions recently had our first family receive a referral in our Burkina Faso program. This family waited seven months to be …


Four Reasons to Consider Adopting from Burkina Faso

Deciding which country to adopt from is a huge decision. Families usually spend time wrestling with which country program is the best for them before making their final decision. They weigh stability, predictability, need, eligibility requirements, desires and travel throughout this decision making process. Many families are initially drawn to the need for international adoption …


What Does Special Needs Look Like in Burkina Faso?

Families seeking to adopt a special needs child from Africa may want to consider Burkina Faso as a possible option. Burkina Faso is a landlocked country located in central Africa and signatory to The Hague Convention. Because Burkina Faso is a Hague country, it affords prospective adoptive parents added protection that non-convention countries may not have. …


MLJ Adoptions’ Family Receives First Burkina Faso Referral!

We are excited to announce that our first family adopting from Burkina Faso has been matched with a child! The family waited seven months from submitting their dossier to Burkina Faso’s central authority to receiving news this month that they were matched with a child. Burkina Faso is a country located in western Africa and …


Humor and Cultural Practices in Burkina Faso

Adopting internationally presents families with a unique challenge. Should they pursue international adoption, they will be parenting a child from a different culture than themselves. Families who are adopting from Burkina Faso may find that their friends and family are also unfamiliar with the culture. Burkina Faso is often described as a “melting pot of …


Does your Family Want to Adopt from Burkina Faso?

Families choosing to grow their families through international adoption are often interested in adopting from Africa. They understand the great need in African countries. A lack of infrastructure in many African countries leaves orphaned children vulnerable to the harsh world. A desire to meet this critical need draws families to consider adopting from Africa. However, …


What is the Role of a Central Authority in a Hague Convention Country?

Prospective adoptive parents have a lot of questions. As an agency, we enjoy answering each and every one. How do we know our adoption will be ethical? What steps are in place to ensure my child is adoptable? How often do you travel to the countries?   These questions are even more common when the …


Celebrating Christmas in Burkina Faso

As in the United States, Christmas in Burkina Faso is celebrated on December 25th. Christmas in this country is typically celebrated both among families and in churches. Christmas is not about decorations or gifts for children, but is about supplying good food for family and neighbors. In Burkinabe villages, children mix clay, straw and water …


Burkina Faso Offers Options to Families Interested in Adopting from Africa

In November 2014, MLJ Adoptions opened our ninth international adoption program in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is located in the horn of Africa; it is landlocked and surrounded by five other African countries. With limited resources, the need for international adoption is great. The need for international adoption from Burkina Faso is not just for …


Burkina Faso International Adoption Program Addresses Need

It is absurd to me that we live in a world where in the United States the focus is on lowering obesity rates while in countries such as in Africa and Asia populations are fighting hunger and starvation on a daily basis. We live in a high speed world where we are all connected through …


Advantages of Adopting from Burkina Faso

For a number of years, adopting from Ethiopia has been a popular choice for adoptive parents interested in adopting from Africa. Yet, in recent years there has been a sharp decline in the number of adoptions taking place in Ethiopia and many families are experiencing significant delays. We also anticipate a decline in adoptions from …


Where in the World is Burkina Faso?

Burkina Faso is MLJ Adoptions’ newest adoption program. It’s a country about the size of Colorado located in Western Africa. Even though it is home to 18 million people, the country is not yet a household name. Today, we introduce you to the newest country we have the privilege of serving. Where is Burkina Faso …


Who Can Adopt from Burkina Faso?

Burkina Faso is MLJ Adoptions’ newest international adoption program and the second program offered for families interested in adopting a child from Africa. Burkina Faso is a country that is signatory to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention). As a Hague country, the adoption …

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