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Political Unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo

On Monday, rebel forces known as M23 had overtaken the city of Goma in Eastern D. R. Congo. Initially it was also reported that they had seized the nearby city of Sake. However, conflicting reports now state that there has been resistance in Sake and it is unclear whether this city was successfully seized. Eastern ...

MLJ Welcomes Home Our First Canadian Adopted Child From Congo!

MLJ Adoptions, Inc. is very excited to announce that our first Canadian family has completed their adoption from Democratic Republic of Congo and have brought home their child! We at MLJ are overjoyed about this accomplishment and want to extend our warm congratulations to this family! Our first Canadian family came to us wanting desperately ...

The Difference Between Foster Care and Orphanages

I had the privilege to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo in March. My time in Congo was an incredible blessing in my life. To be able to see the beauty in what looked like devastation and despair. As we arrived into Kinshasa, I desired to see it all, to take in all that was ...

MLJ Adoptions to Host Pre-Conference Round Table Discussions

On Friday evening prior to the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference, MLJ Adoptions will be hosting Round Table discussions as part of the Pre-Conference event. This event will provide attendees an opportunity to learn from others, share ideas and opinions, ask questions, and engage in in-depth discussions on an assortment of topics with others who ...

The Blessing of an Adoption Community

We are blessed to be a part of a church community where adoption is “normal." Many of our closest friends are adoptive parents. When we first began our adoption journey, we had no idea how fortunate we were to have such a huge network of experienced adoptive parents to gain insight from. But now that ...

Democratic Republic of Congo Represented at London Olympics in Boxing and Judo

The United Nations has indicated that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has the highest prevalence of malnutrition in the world and yet fourteen amazing athletes in six different sports have beat the odds and are competing in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. I wonder if Meji Mwanba feels the weight of his country on ...

Questions To Ask Your Prospective Agency

I do many consultations with families who are looking to adopt and trying to choose an agency. For many, the same question is asked at the end of our conversation, “Is there anything I didn’t ask that I should have?” Families new to the adoption world are navigating a sea of agencies, legalities and processes ...

MLJ Adoptions Celebrates 100 Adoptions from DRC

On Sunday, three families will travel to the Cincinnati airport and be united with the children whose pictures they have been eagerly and proudly displaying on their cell phones for months now. The staff of MLJ always celebrates when children come home, but this arrival will hold a special place in our hearts for on ...

Independence: Never Easy, But Worth It

We wish you a very happy Independence Day this July 4th. On this day we are thankful for the men and women and their families that have served and continue to serve our nation fighting to preserve our independence. The fight for independence is almost never an easy battle, but it is always an important ...

Combating Corruption in Congo

It has been reported that someone working in DR Congo was arrested for kidnapping children for the purpose of adoption. This is a sad reminder of the corruption that can happen in the adoption world. I am dismayed that this happened in a country where there are so many children in need of forever homes. ...

Serge Ibaka Overcomes Strife in Homeland to Reach NBA Finals

Many neutral basketball fans have become temporary Oklahoma City Thunder fans this month to cheer against the “evil empire” of the Miami Heat and their lineup of all-star players. Oklahoma City has the support of casual fans because of their team atmosphere, incredible athleticism and likeable star players, one of which is Republic of Congo ...

Eurovision Song Contest Features Afro-Ukrainian Singer, Gaitana

Today, the 50th Grand Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast live from the Baku Crystal Hall in Baju, Azerbaijan. Of the 26 entries, just one country will be crowned the winner and claim the coveted Grand Prix trophy.   The Afro-Ukrainian singer, Gaitana will represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest ...

Chimpanzee: The Movie

** Spoiler alert. ** Like most, my kiddos are fascinated by the animal kingdom. So we enthusiastically went to see Chimpanzee—the nature documentary produced by Disneynature. Geared for the younger set, the G-rated Chimpanzee centered on a cute young chimp—“Oscar.”

Do Your Baby's Hair!

When a friend told me the gist of this clip, I thought I would write: “This clip reminds me of the benevolent cultural community policing of the sort that Barbara Katz Rothman described in her book about race and adoption, Weaving a Family: Untangling Race and Adoption. Rothman, who is a white Jewish adoptive mother ...

60 Minutes Features Congo Symphony Orchestra Last Night

Last night, news show 60 Minutes featured a story entitled “Joy in the Congo” telling the story of the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra is the only one in Central Africa and the only all-black one in the world.   The orchestra was the brainstorm of Armand Diangienda, a laid off commercial airline pilot. Despite ...

African Orphans Are Still in Need Although Ethiopia Adoptions Have Slowed

We have been watching the current state of affairs in Ethiopia with international adoptions. Sadly, Ethiopia has begun closing orphanages and reducing the number of international adoptions. Those adoptive parents interested in adopting a child from Ethiopia, are seeing a longer process and longer waits for referrals of children. These decisions not only impact and ...

Charlize Theron Announces Adoption as Single Parent

Actress Charlize Theron has adopted a baby boy, Jackson, and will raise the child as a single parent, according to news reports. As recently as the 1970s, Theron would have encountered significant hurdles trying to adopt as a single parent. In some states, such adoptions were illegal.   But, thankfully, times have changed and single-parent ...

Democratic Republic of Congo: What does 187 Mean?

Democratic Republic of Congo? I was going to Africa? Really? That was a little more than I had bargained for when I started a job that would provide some college money for my three sons. I racked my brain to recall why DRC had been in the news lately. Then I recalled that the United ...

Why Interim Care?

I have talked with many prospective adoptive families who have attempted to adopt previously. I have heard horrific stories of families traveling to Ethiopia and Congo only to arrive and the child is so ill that they lie limp in their parent’s arms. I have listened as an adoptive parent explained their story through grief ...

The Do's and Don't's of Sending Care Packages Part 2

Don’t forget to read Part 1 of the Do’s and Don’t’s of Sending Care Packages DO include a handwritten letter to your child. Handwriting is very personal and can increase the power of loving words. A letter will start to introduce you and your personality to your child. Be conscious of the words you use, ...

The Do's and Don't's of Sending Care Packages Part 1

A care package is a great way to introduce yourself to your child and start to ease the transition into your family even before you have an opportunity to meet him or her. Although you have been planning for months, infants and young children have no understanding of adoption or the change that is coming ...
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