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Why Should You Adopt from Latin America?

Did you know that Latin America is not determined by geography? Instead, a country is considered a Latin American country if a majority of the population speaks one of the romance languages. The romance languages include Spanish, French and Portuguese, all of which descended from Latin. There are similarities in vocabulary, verbiage and sentence structure ...

Christmas Traditions in Latin America

When comparing Christmas traditions from your family, friends, and neighbors, there is great variety in the way this magical holiday is celebrated. But do you ever consider how other countries around the world, such as Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, celebrate Christmas? Just as in many other countries around the world, Christmas in Latin America is ...

The Most Vulnerable Orphans

I love my job… and I especially love working with the children! It is such an incredible feeling to see children coming home to loving families. Even more wonderful is when I have the opportunity to witness the changes in the lives of the children – how they blossom with the love, security and opportunities ...

Adoption and Your Child's Privacy

As I cruise around the world wide web, a large part of my time is spent perusing adoption blogs and articles. It is a great way to get educated and connected. You can read about other’s adoption stories and even become "friends" with folks you might not otherwise meet. But when it comes to adoptions ...

Healing Grief

My daughter arrived home at thirteen months, broken in spirit and disconnected. I sensed that she was engulfed in an invisible cocoon. Her cries and screams which happened without warning and often over a dozen times each day, expressed her fathomless grief and her inability to connect. My daughter was trying, but her sensory processing ...

Considering The Risk To Every Child

I was saddened earlier this week to hear a news story from CBS news about Christian World Adoption. Incidences like what CBS reports ocurred in Ethiopia and what the group of American Baptists in Haiti attempted end up hurting more children than they could ever help. The publicity may make some more hesitant about adopting, ...

Those Eyes…

Those eyes, looking past me, hesitant to make eye contact, afraid to hope… those eyes that track from just below my face to one of the babies… That look, deep in those eyes, with the stoic knowing that our only interest must be in the babies… That hesitance to engage with us, with me, in ...

The Fatherless Foundation Invites You to Aid the Orphan

MLJ Adoptions, Inc. is happy to share the following information from the Fatherless Foundation, which has both helped many of our clients raise adoption funds and helped bring together our team who are all volunteers for the Fatherless Foundation. On Oct 30, 2009, The Fatherless Foundation will be holding its third annual benefit auction and ...

How to Keep Your Cool Through the Adoption Journey

Adoption is the legal transfer of parental rights & responsibilities to the adopting parent. Like any legal process, there is often a lot of confusion & paperwork involved. In inter-country adoption four different areas of law are involved. In addition, there are times when you must wait or be dependent on the decisions of others. ...

2009 Annual Adoption Picnic : A Beautiful Success

Although it was not the stereotypical beautiful day for a picnic, it did turn out to be a beautiful day for our Annual Adoption Picnic. It was a day full of relationship building, beautiful children, food, and fun. Thank you to all for contributing delicious dishes and desserts, and thank you to the men for ...

Answers About the Adoption Tax Credit – Part 1

In the next few weeks, we will be sharing a series of posts about the Adoption Tax Credit, written by Rob Pederson. Rob is a CPA with 11 years of experience – 4 in public accounting as an auditor and tax preparer, and 7 in the accounting departments of two publicly traded companies. He also ...

Handling the Difficult Truth with Honesty

I want to Thank Amy Eldridge for bringing this blog by Sang-Shil Kim to our attention with her commentary. In "An Inconvient Truth" Sang-Shil discusses the feelings she has knowing that adoption was a "second choice" for her parents and not wanting to know how many years were spent trying to conceive or how many ...

Supplies Needed for Latin American Orphange Support Trip

Our Latin American Program Director will be returning to Honduras and Nicaragua in May for the Fatherless Foundation annual mission trip with the purpose to provide relief supplies for orphanages in these two countries. This trip will include visits to four orphanages for small children (two in Nicaragua and two in Honduras) and a return ...