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Why Do Sending Countries Want Post Adoption Reports?

Many countries of origin or sending countries require that adoptive parents send reports after the adoption is finalized, sometimes for many years after the adoption is completed, to ensure the child has transitioned well and to ensure the continued welfare of that child.  These reports are referred to as Post Adoption Reports, or in the …


Should I Grow My Family Through International Adoption?

Whether because of infertility or a desire to help a child in need, you may find yourself contemplating adding to your family through international adoption. There are many factors to consider before pursuing an international adoption. Ask yourself these five questions to see if international adoption is right for you. Am I Ready to Adopt …


Exciting International Adoption Updates from MLJ!

The first three months of 2017 were exciting for MLJ Adoptions! After bringing seven children home in December 2016, we were eager to see what the new year had in store for our international adoption families. The first quarter has been full of good things! Bulgaria Six children joined their forever families from Bulgaria! They …


Accepting Families into our Haiti Adoption Program!

MLJ Adoptions is very excited to announce that we are able to accept families into our Haiti international adoption program! Each dossier that we submit means another child is on their way to a loving, permanent home! Last year was a big year for our families adopting from Haiti. Our first two children joined their forever …


Easter in Ukraine

I was born and raised in Ukraine, and one of the sweetest memories about my childhood is our Easter celebration. Every year we gathered all together at my grandmother’s house. It was always like a family reunion since I only saw some of my relatives on Easter.This is my third Easter here in US, far away from …


Introducing our Ukraine Summer Hosting Program!

MLJ Adoptions is pleased to share that a group of Ukrainian children will be visiting the U.S. this summer from July 13 – August 15, 2017. The hosting program provides a great opportunity for children from Ukrainian orphanages to spend their summer holidays with the American families. We are excited for the upcoming arrival of …


What Are Eligibility Requirements in International Adoption?

When researching international adoption and deciding on a specific agency or country program, one of the initial factors you will want to consider are eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements will determine who can adopt from a specific program and/or agency.  Eligibility requirements are a combination of requirements from state and federal laws and policies, foreign laws …


Getting Started: Schedule an Initial Consultation Today!

If you’re considering international adoption, chances are, you’re already overwhelmed! The internet is a wonderful, beautiful place, until it’s not. Information overload happens so quickly, adoption stories can be so emotional, and before you know it, you have headed down a rabbit trail of adoption nightmares and worst case scenarios with tears in your eyes …


International Adoption- A 2016 MLJ Adoptions Agency Update!

International adoption is not for the faint of heart. Families who choose to adopt internationally do so for a variety of reasons, but resilience, courage and endurance are all qualities of these adoptive families. As 2016 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on the many successes our agency has seen this year: 97 children from …


Christmas Around the World!

Every family has their own traditions for the holidays. Whether these traditions are religious, like going to Midnight Mass, or cultural, like hanging lights and singing carols together, the holidays are all about celebrating the good in our lives with the people we care about most. My family’s traditions involve copious amounts of cookies and …


How Do Ordinary Americans Afford Adoption?

Many families have the heart for international adoption, but not all feel they possess the financial wherewithal to adopt internationally. The cost of an international adoption can be prohibitive to some families, but MLJ Adoptions has also seen many ordinary families use simple strategies to afford adoption. It’s our hope that by your family would …


What is a Primary Provider?

There are a lot of words thrown around during an international adoption. Many of these words are foreign to prospective adoptive families. The term primary provider is likely one of them. All families who pursue international adoption are required to use a primary provider. When the Universal Accreditation Act went into effect in July 2014, …


Why I Like Working in International Adoption

About two years ago, I began working for MLJ Adoptions International as the Director of Social Services. Prior to that time, I worked for 23 years (yes, a while!) with a large child welfare agency that specialized in many services for children and families, including adoption. During that time, I supervised, developed and worked in …


Need a Step-Parent Home Study Completed in Indiana?

Step-parent adoptions are becoming increasingly common in Indiana. When a step-parent wants to become a legal parent of their spouse’s child, they begin this adoption process with the approval of their spouse. Step-parents can decide to adopt for many reasons, but the major reasons are as follows: (a) the child has grown attached to the …


MLJ’s Founder Advocates for Indiana Children

Our Founder, Michele L. Jackson, is a proud member of the Indiana Bicentennial Children’s Rights Chapter. This group is doing important work to serve the needs of Indiana’s children. Much of the work being done is focused on at-risk children and those in need of services; internationally adopted children who are struggling would also fall …


Communication and Your Adoption Agency

Communication is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, of a relationship. The relationship between an adoption agency and an adopting family is no different, and good communication is key. A frequent topic of discussion among our team members is “How can we best communicate efficiently and effectively with our …


Show Your Support for Children in Need of Families with AmazonSmile

In 2015, MLJ Adoptions transitioned from a for-profit to a non-profit organization. This transition benefits adoptive families and children in need of families in numerous ways. As an organization, we have started to raise money to grant to families who are adopting children with additional needs. We can also accept tax-deductible donations on behalf of …


Thank You Dad!

June 19th has been set aside to thank all of the wonderful fathers out there—adoptive dads, step-dads, foster dads, and biological dads—on Father’s Day. We want to acknowledge your stellar contribution to your own families as well as to your communities throughout the world. It’s our chance to show our love and respect for you …


Celebrating Eight Years of International Adoption at MLJ!

This year MLJ Adoptions celebrates eight years of serving children in need of families. We are proud of how far we have come, and look forward to what the future has in store for our families and for our team. Over the past eight years, we have been blessed to find loving permanent homes for …


Rally for the Adoption Tax Credit

The Adoption Tax Credit needs your help! There are two events in Congress this week and our collective voices are so important. On May 11 over 200 people from across the country will be advocating for the Adoption Tax Credit as part of RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day. There will be a Member Day Hearing on Tax …


Tips for Effective Re-Do’s

I am a frequent user of the “Undo” (Ctrl + Z) and “Re-do” (Ctrl + Y) functions on a computer. When typing I don’t always get it right the first time and have to try it again when I make mistakes. Sometimes I wish that there was a short cut like Ctrl + Z in …

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