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Lessons From The Past Ten Years

In June, MLJ celebrated its tenth-year anniversary! Personally, being with the agency since its inception, I have worked in the field a bit longer. Anniversaries are a time for reflection and a time to contemplate the road you have traveled, what you have experienced, learned and how these experiences have affected you. Over the last ...

My Lessons Learned About International Adoption

During my time here at MLJ Adoptions I’ve grown significantly both professionally and personally. I’ve learned more than I can put into words or fit into one blog, but I do want to highlight a few of the most important lessons I have learned. Trauma All children who join their family through adoption have experienced some ...

What I Have Learned About International Adoption

Chances are, you are reading this because you are somehow connected to the international adoption community. You have adopted, are in the process, or are thinking about it; or you are a family member or friend of someone who has adopted. This means you probably know far more about international adoption than I did when ...

Explaining Domestic, Foster Care and International Adoption

There are many options for building your family, including domestic, foster care and international adoption.

Celebrating Ten Years!

A little over 11 years ago, on the northside of Indianapolis, Sonja Brown and I met with Michele Jackson to discuss the steps to becoming an adoption agency. Little did we know how much we would grow in 10 years! Initially starting out with a program for Ukraine, we started preparing to  launch programs in ...

Why I Am Passionate About International Adoption

Being a social worker, I have always been drawn to advocating for the rights of vulnerable populations, the populations that cannot speak up or fight for themselves, specifically children. As a child, one has to rely solely on others for love, protection and for their needs to be met and this makes them one of ...

Seeking a Family for a Sibling Group!

Our in-country staff in Bulgaria recently shared information with MLJ Adoptions regarding a sibling set of five boys who are currently waiting for a family! We are thankful for the opportunity to advocate for these brothers. They range in ages from 13 to 9, (their real names are Shawn, Josef, Sammy, Migel, and Arthur). These ...

MLJ Can Assist with Relative Adoptions!

Relative adoptions, also known as a kinship adoption, are an option in many countries for vulnerable children. But the process is determined by several factors, including the sending and receiving country’s adoption laws and whether the countries are signatory to the Hague Convention. All countries however, must observe that the best interests of the child ...

Working to Find Families for Children with Additional Needs

Simona Hoy works for Vesta, MLJ Adoptions’ Bulgarian partner organization. She primarily works to advocate for waiting children, who can be viewed on MLJ Adoptions’ Waiting Child Photolisting.  As much as it can be rewarding and personally satisfying to work in helping orphaned children, it may also often leave you with a heavy heart. I ...

What Country and Child-Specific Information Does MLJ Provide to Families?

Communication is always key to developing relationships. In adoption, we’ve found that whenever we can share information specifically regarding a family’s country program or about their referred child, that is the most helpful and appreciated communication. For this reason, we are always working to provide more and better country specific and child specific information. This ...

My Trip to a Ukrainian Orphanage

While I was in Ukraine earlier this year, we traveled to a smaller town east of the capital city to visit a Ukrainian orphanage, and the children who live there. To get to Zaporizhya from Kyiv, you must head southeast on the fast train. Although we are leaving very early in the morning, the concrete ...

Celebrating 2017! – An MLJ Adoptions Update

This year has been a whirlwind for MLJ Adoptions! It’s both a privilege and a responsibility to be able to advocate for our world’s most vulnerable children. Each and every day our team is thankful we are invited to play a role in caring for unparented children in Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, ...

Support Vulnerable Children in Burkina Faso!

We at MLJ are excited that a second family is nearing completion of their adoption process in Burkina Faso! Our Burkina Faso program has exceeded our expectations with regards to transparency, ethical practices, practices for caring for children in need and waiting timelines for prospective adoptive parents.  To date, three additional families have been matched ...

MLJ Adoptions’ Third Quarter Update

The leaves have started turning colors and falling to the ground, signaling that fall is here! At least in Indiana. The end of September also signifies the end of another quarter, and a time to share updates in our country programs. We have so much to be thankful for! Bulgaria Since the end of June, ...

Reviews of MLJ Adoptions: 2017

One of our goals in serving children and families is to limit the stress of adoption and provide the most positive experience possible for our families. The adoption process is certainly not perfect,  and can be extremely stressful for all involved. We know that we cannot eliminate the stress, but we do try our best ...

MLJ Adoptions’ Second Quarter Update!

We’re already halfway through 2017, and MLJ Adoptions has much to celebrate! In the month of May alone, we had eight families matched with children in three different country programs. Bulgaria Two families in our Bulgaria program received referrals for children this spring! Family One was matched with three biological siblings, ages seven, five and ...

In Honor of Father’s Day – Start Your Adoption Journey Today!

Some of my fondest memories growing up are times I spent with my dad. He would let me ride my bike as he ran several times a week; we would talk a little bit, but mostly just spend time together. He often took me to the park to kick the soccer ball around. From a ...

Why Do Sending Countries Want Post Adoption Reports?

Many countries of origin or sending countries require that adoptive parents send reports after the adoption is finalized, sometimes for many years after the adoption is completed, to ensure the child has transitioned well and to ensure the continued welfare of that child.  These reports are referred to as Post Adoption Reports, or in the ...

Should I Grow My Family Through International Adoption?

Whether because of infertility or a desire to help a child in need, you may find yourself contemplating adding to your family through international adoption. There are many factors to consider before pursuing an international adoption. Ask yourself these five questions to see if international adoption is right for you. Am I Ready to Adopt ...

Exciting International Adoption Updates from MLJ!

The first three months of 2017 were exciting for MLJ Adoptions! After bringing seven children home in December 2016, we were eager to see what the new year had in store for our international adoption families. The first quarter has been full of good things! Bulgaria Six children joined their forever families from Bulgaria! They ...

Accepting Families into our Haiti Adoption Program!

MLJ Adoptions is very excited to announce that we are able to accept families into our Haiti international adoption program! Each dossier that we submit means another child is on their way to a loving, permanent home! Last year was a big year for our families adopting from Haiti. Our first two children joined their forever ...
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