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The Strength Adoption Attorneys Add to Our Agency

While there are many agencies who brand themselves as full service adoption agencies, most of them lack the legal expertise that an attorney can offer. Adoption is a process that in nature is both social and legal. Adoption enables children in need to be cared for in a loving home, by legally transferring all parental ...

Compassion : There are No Excuses (Part 2)

A continuation of Sonja’s discussion of compassion Many use the excuse that they cannot afford to adopt a child. In truth, there are many programs, grants, and loans available to adopting parents as well as the federal adoption tax credit. If there is a will there is a way. For most of us then, there ...

Compassion: An argument for Compassion (part 1)

It is a generally accepted belief that if everyone in the world had more compassion and love, that the world would be a much better place. Another widely held belief is that our children are our future. Which leads me to this question. If we are all in agreement of these two statements, then why ...

Celebrating Birthmothers this Mother's Day Weekend – Part 2

Find the first part of Lindsey’s story in Part 1. Supporting birthmothers on Birthmother’s Day and Mother’s Day is easy. We treat them and honor them just as we would any mother. We make sure a card with a little surprise arrives (jewelry, flowers, chocolates, etc.) at their door on Saturday morning. We make sure ...

Celebrating Birthmothers this Mother's Day Weekend – Part 1

We are excited to have Lindsey Redfern contribute to our blog. She will tell her own story, but you can find more articles and adoption information at her blog. As a sterile woman, Mother’s Day was always a hard day to handle. My house was quiet. My arms were empty. I was full of hope, ...

10 Ways to Support a Waiting Mother on Mother's Day

We are so thrilled to have Kimberly Leclercq as a guest blogger and twitter friend. Kimberly is a single mother who adopted her son from Guatemala in 2008. She is currently in process of adopting a daughter from Ethiopia. Kimberly is the author of a book for any woman who has experienced or is experiencing ...

Mother's Day while Waiting for Adoption

Today’s guest blogger is Diane Brooks, an Indianapolis area realtor who also maintains her own blog. MLJ Adoptions, Inc is happy to have Diane as a twitter friend. Our dossier was finally complete; the proper documents were authenticated, and our fingerprints were taken. China had logged in our dossier in February. It was a few ...

True Life Adoption Stories Part 1

MTV’s recent episode of True Life was both enjoyable and confirming for me as a provider of care for expectant mothers and families. I am glad that MTV was honest about the difficult emotions experienced by all, but also that they followed the stories through completion. I would have liked it if they would have ...

True Life Adoption Stories Part 2

Both stories clearly showed the emotional aspects of making the decision regarding who should parent a child. Although Kayla took more time and appeared to struggle with the decision more, in the end Amanda was the one that stated that she felt like she had not made the best decision. Kayla was provided counseling throughout ...

We're All a Twitter!

“What is Twitter?” Depending on how plugged in you are to trends, social media, and networking, you have probably heard or asked the question “What is Twitter?”. The descriptions of Twitter range from a microblogging service to something similar to the status update on Facebook, but what does that mean? In functionality, Twitter allows anyone ...

Adoption News Not as Negative as Appears

Recently published research is being used to discourage support for adoption without full consideration of all factors involved. University of Minnesota researchers found a correlation between children adopted within the first two years of life and incidences of mental health diagnoses. The study included children that had been adopted domestically and internationally. The negative press ...

Options to Make Adoption Travel Affordable

When considering adoption travel, some families are able to utilize frequent flyer miles while others look for travel deals online. In general, the more discounted the airline ticket, the least likely it is to be flexible. International adoption often requires a great amount of flexibility. We are never able to offer exact time frames, only ...

Second Annual Ukrainian Adoption Reunion

The second Annual Ukrainian Adoption Reunion will be held Sunday, March 1, hosted by MLJ Adoptions, Inc. and Lydia Tarr, Ukraine Program Director. The 2nd Annual Ukrainian Adoption Reunion will be held at Walnut Grove Chapel located at 91st and Allisonville Road in Indianapolis from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This event is open to ...

Nepal Announces New Adoption Procedures

On January 1, 2009 Nepal’s Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MOWCSW) announced that new procedures for adopting from Nepal have been established. Nepali adoptions must now be processed through agencies approved by the Goverment of Nepal, and each will be limited to 10 adoptions per year. For any prospective adoptive parent(s) interested in ...
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