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Changes in International Adoption from Nicaragua

MLJ Adoptions is celebrating some exciting movement in the past couple months in regards in adoption from Nicaragua! This year, three children have been matched with waiting families; all three children were under the age of three, but did have additional medical needs. Mi Familia, the adoption entity in Nicaragua, has indicated that their focus ...

Traveling to Nicaragua: How to Prepare

During spring break, I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua for a week! This gave me useful firsthand experience with traveling to a Latin American country, since two of our adoption programs work in Mexico and Nicaragua. Because I am a planner and stress about packing, I read blogs, travel guides and talked to other people ...

Families Needed for Older Children and Children with Additional Needs from Nicaragua

We currently have two families in Nicaragua adopting toddler aged waiting children who both have known additional needs. “Waiting children” are typically children over the age of 8 (both considered “healthy” and considered with medical needs) or children with additional medical needs of any age, including infants and toddlers. These are children who are not ...

Food and Fun in Nicaragua

When I travel, even for a short weekend getaway, I like to pack lots of snacks. You never know when you will be hungry, and what will be available. My husband says I go a little overboard, which may be true, but I don’t hear him complaining when he is hungry and I pull out ...

Adopting from Nicaragua – A 2016 Program Update!

Adopting from Nicaragua has become a popular option for families wanting to bring a child from Latin America into their homes. There are several benefits to adopting from Nicaragua; the stay in-country can help a child adapt to his or her new family more easily, the proximity to the United States allows families to travel ...

What To Expect When Adopting From Nicaragua?

More often than not, international adoption requires travel to the country from where your family is adopting. Travel requirements vary greatly from country to country. Families who choose to adopt from Nicaragua will be required to travel to the country and stay for 12-20 weeks at the end of the adoption process. Yes, three to ...

Latin American Adoption Story: Scharmahorn Family

The greatest thing (about our adaption period) was the uninterrupted time we had as a family – away from our busy lives back home. We traveled almost every weekend around the country and really tried to enjoy our time there together. We are the Scharmahorn family. My husband, Kaleb and I have been married for ...

Referrals for Older Children Increase for Families Adopting from Nicaragua

We have recently had the pleasure of assisting families who are adopting from Nicaragua. They have been matched with older children and siblings. It all begins when the Potential Match arrives to my email inbox. The feeling of being able to call a family who has been waiting and give them the information that will ...

Roberts’ Nicaragua Adoption Story

She made eye contact with me. She instantly came running, arms WIDE open with the BIGGEST smile on her face. I will NEVER forget that look in her eyes. She jumped in my arms and I just wept. We are the Roberts Family. Dean and I have been married for six years and Viviana joined ...

Five Reasons to Adopt from Nicaragua

There are many things to consider when choosing a specific country for an international adoption. Many times, families are not even aware that they can adopt from Nicaragua until they start doing some research on country program options. Often times, Nicaragua quickly becomes a family’s first choice after learning of the many benefits the program ...

FIT Nicaragua Serves Families Adopting from Nicaragua

Below the Bultemeier family shares what it was like to stay in-country during their adaptation period.    We were a few weeks from traveling to Nicaragua for the adaptation period when I first began searching for housing.  Our adoption process had moved quickly than expected and I was scrambling, overwhelmed at moving my family to live in ...

5 Ways to Celebrate your Adoptive Child’s Nicaraguan Heritage

Families adopting from Nicaragua have to spend a significant amount of time in country completing the adoption process. If you choose to adopt from Nicaragua, we encourage you to use your time in country as a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Nicaragua. When you do come home with ...

Why Should You Adopt from Latin America?

Did you know that Latin America is not determined by geography? Instead, a country is considered a Latin American country if a majority of the population speaks one of the romance languages. The romance languages include Spanish, French and Portuguese, all of which descended from Latin. There are similarities in vocabulary, verbiage and sentence structure ...

Adopting from Nicaragua and Mexico Makes Travel Requirements Easier

The time and expense of travel are important considerations when deciding whether to adopt internationally. Travel to the sending country is required for a variety of reasons; attending court hearings, meeting with the adoption authority or meeting and bringing your adopted child home. Each international adoption program has its own requirements and may involve anywhere ...

7 Reasons Why the Adaptation Period in Nicaragua is Beneficial

When families consider adopting from a Latin American country, Nicaragua is a great option for those wanting younger children. Often times, families lose interest or become discouraged when they find out that there is an in-country stay of anywhere from 10-20 weeks when adopting from Nicaragua. Despite the extended stay, the time spent in Nicaragua ...

Adopting from Latin America has Changed

Adoption from Latin America may be a wonderful option for you if you are thinking about growing your family through international adoption. However, it is important to understand that the options for adopting from Latin American have significantly decreased over the past decade. The reasons for this decline include: Independent International adoptions or use of ...

Why Should You Adopt from Nicaragua?

There are many country choices when it comes to international adoption, and for some families choosing the country may be one of the more difficult parts of the process. Factors such as parent requirements, child characteristics, travel requirements, and length of process can make the choice a difficult one. MLJ Adoptions’ Nicaragua Program is a ...

Should I Start an Independent Adoption from Nicaragua?

Adopting from Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, has become a viable alternative to adopting from Guatemala which closed to international adoptions in 2008. Nicaragua, like the Eastern European country of Ukraine, has a long tradition of independent international adoptions. Parents considering this path to building their families need to be aware of new ...

Extended Travel for Nicaragua Adoption Benefits Children

There are a variety of reasons that parents may choose a specific country from which to adopt. Length of travel, characteristics of the children, eligibility requirements for parents and the structure of the country’s legal process must all be taken into consideration which country program fits your family best. All children deserve a family, and ...

Options for Adoptions from Latin America

In light of the recent limitation on international adoptions from Columbia, we have been noticing an increased interest in our Nicaragua adoption program as well as our upcoming program in Mexico. As of July 15, 2013, the Central Authority in Columbia called the Columbian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) is no longer accepting adoption applications ...

Community Service and Older Children in Nicaragua

I was lucky enough to be part of a group that went on the Nicaragua Service trip through the Global Orphan Foundation this summer and last summer. I was very excited to go learn more about a Latin American country because we do adoptions in Nicaragua and we are preparing to open our Mexico Adoption ...
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