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How to Raise Money for an Adoption

There are many different ways to alleviate the financial stress of adoption. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on the road to fundraising for you adoption. Garage sales and yard sales – They are a popular way to raise money for adoption. Families can go in together to have larger scale ...

Parental Stress and How It Impacts Adjustment in Adoption

Stress – it’s been a major focus of my career as a mental health therapist. I know the adoption process is stressful (on top of your daily stressors) and we talk about stress management during our adoption preparation classes, but that is barely an intro. When parents become more stressed than normal during the adoption ...

Estate Planning and Your Adopted Child

No one wants to think about bad things happening to their family. But, bad things do happen to good people and it is every parent’s responsibility to plan accordingly. A well thought out estate plan should be in every parent’s toolkit, but there are special considerations for the adoptive parent. Who will take care of ...

Basic Behavior Management for Adopted Parents

Many parents experience behavioral issues with their children whether they are adopted or biological. Here are some helpful hints for parents interested in resolving particular behavioral issues. Work on only two or three targeted behaviors at a time– Pick a couple of issues that are workable and try to make some headway on those-sometimes you ...

Book Review: Adopt Without Debt

We were excited to receive a review copy of Adopt Without Debt: creative ways to cover the cost of adoption direct from author Julie Gumm. Pre-sales begin May 1st and the book will be released on May 6th, thanks to faster than planned printing. It is definitely a book you will want to consider purchasing ...

Why Is Adoption So Expensive?

We hear this question all the time. It seems logical that when a person wants to adopt and add to their family, the cost to the family should not be $25-40,000 (average international adoption). It seems unreasonable to have high expenses associated with such a loving process. Some find adoption expenses appalling while others come ...

Beyond Rosa and Martin

Deesha Philyaw is a freelance writer and adjunct professor in the Master of Professional Writing Program at Chatham University. She is a black co-parenting mom of two girls, ages 7 and 12, one of whom is adopted, and stepmom of two girls, age 12 and 14. Deesha has written a series of blogs for us ...

Empowered To Connect Conference Recommended

Last September, I had the privilege of attending the Empowered to Connect Conference in Nashville, TN. The conference was full of insights and “ah-ha” moments. Although my daughter had been home for over a year, I had many eye opening moments listening to Dr. Karyn Purvis speak. Dr. Purvis truly understands children who have come ...

Echos of Discrimination

Friday afternoon I attended a special presentation at Ivy Tech by Rose Mapendo, a refugee from Congo, who was named the Humanitarian of the Year by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 2009. As a member of the Tutsi tribe, her ethnicity made her family a target for violence, imprisonment, and death in the ...

Hair Care Evolution

I have had basically the same haircut for nearly a decade, yet my hair care, style, and techniques have continued to evolve. I have used home remedies, worked with nature, used a hair dryer to straighten, used a dryer and flat iron (eek), and used different sizes of curling irons. My current Winter routine uses ...

It’s Okay To Be A Token. Really. Part 2

Deesha Philyaw is a freelance writer and adjunct professor in the Master of Professional Writing Program at Chatham University. She is a black co-parenting mom of two girls, ages 7 and 12, one of whom is adopted, and stepmom of two girls, age 12 and 14. Deesha has written a series of blogs for us ...

Communicating Emotionally and the Big Blue Dog Part 2

Please, read the intro to Communicating Emotionally And The Big Blue Dog. Just like the Big Blue Dog, your children will respond to your emotions, but they will not understand your words. If you are stressed about communicating with words, your children will be stressed, or in some cases, try to sooth your stress. If ...

The Value of Support

When my wife and I decided to adopt we had no idea about the roller coaster of emotions, stress and paperwork we were going to be faced with. Fortunately one of the first things we did was find a support group. Having a support group has been the single biggest factor in helping us keep ...

Parenting a Child with HIV

Read the first part of Stephanie’s story Considering Adopting a Child with HIV. Well, no doors closed and we brought that sweet little boy home along with two other boys on April 14, 2010. He was on medicine in Ukraine and remains on those same medications but different dosage today. We have been to see ...

Adoption Gift Idea Guide Part 2

Check out our Adoption Gift Idea Guide Part 1 too! 5. Family Photos Family photos are a great way to physically and visually help a new child feel a part of his or her family. A photo shoot and/or photography package is a great gift for any family and a great way for them to ...

Adoption Gift Idea Guide Part 1

Happy Hanukah! For those of you that don’t already know, Hanukah is celebrated for eight days with a gift given each night traditionally. What better time to share our Adoption Gift Idea Guide with eight different suggestions? The gifts below may be appropriate for adoption advocates, those waiting to adopt, birth parents, adoptive parents, and/or ...

Adoption Tax Credit Expanded and Improved!

The Internal Revenue Service recently published an article on the expanded adoption credit included in the Affordable Care Act which raises the maximum adoption credit to $13,170 per child, up from $12,150 in 2009. An added benefit to the credit is making the credit refundable, meaning eligible taxpayers can receive it even if they do ...

Help Us Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month!

We hope that you will join MLJ Adoptions, Inc., The Fatherless Foundation, Inc., and The Villages of Indiana, Inc. to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month this November. We have teamed up to promote awareness about the need for international adoption, domestic adoption, orphan care, and foster care. During this month we will be visiting malls, ...

World of Hair Care

When I brought my daughter home in February of 2009, I entered a whole new world. I pretty much had to learn a new language with words like co-wash, no-poo, and twist-out. There were even code words like 4b, 3c, Ph, and TW and words to avoid like sulfates and parabens. I had entered the ...

"I Love My Daddy" Book Review

"I Love My Daddy" is written and illustrated by Sebastian Braun. This book, appropriate for children ages birth to 5, consists of single sentences per page with large and colorful illustrations. The pictures show daddy and baby as a brown bear and a cub. The pages go through different things that a daddy can do ...

Parenting Beyond Malnutrition: elective opportunity

On Wednesday October 20th, I plan to participate in a webinar entitled Food For Thought: The impact of poor nutrition in early development. Adoption Learning Partners is advertising that it will include "tips and insights for adoptive parents to help children catch up and thrive." The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Dana E. Johnson, ...
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