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Samoan Hip-Hop Artist Chucc 1

Sometimes large talent comes from tiny places. This is the case for Chucc 1, aka Paul Vaifanua Jr., Samoan Hip-Hop artist. Chucc 1 was raised in Sacramento, California, but both of his parents are from the Islands of Samoa. His father is from Upolu and his mother is from Vailoa, Samoa. His parents came to ...

Samoa Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

Samoans have begun celebrating their 50th Anniversary of Independence from New Zealand. Cultural festivals and sporting events are taking place in the capital city of Apia, and church services and community events will take place in outlying villages as Samoa marks half a century since it became the first South Pacific nation to gain its ...

Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Learning About Samoa

At MLJ we are eagerly learning more and more about the beauty and culture of Samoa as we prepare for the first families in our pilot program to travel to Samoa (and New Zealand) to complete their adoptions. I have been reading some pretty academic books, as well as several blogs written by Samoan living ...

First Ever Film From Samoa, The Orator, is Well Received

As we have started a pilot program in Samoa, I have been learning as much as I can about the country and culture while I look forward to my turn to visit this beautiful county. I watched the Rugby World Cup, and I hope to be able to see the new film The Orator. The ...

Learning More About the Visa Process for Samoa

An integral part of an international adoption is obtaining the orphan visa that allows a child to enter the United States. Whether you are adopting internationally from Samoa, Congo, Bulgaria, one of MLJ’s other programs, each child must have an orphan visa to enter the US. Processing and approving the orphan visa is the responsibility ...
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