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Adopting from Ukraine – A 2017 Update!

This past year started with another round of Ukraine Winter Hosting! MLJ Adoptions loved having the opportunity to introduce children who have been orphaned in Ukraine to families in the United States for several weeks during the winter and summer. Several families decided to move forward with adopting from Ukraine after participating in hosting! In ...

Adoption Connections Make the Difference

The success of any adoption depends upon the ability to connect, whether that is with your child, your local resources or your support team. Connections are so crucial when considering adoption and it is important to also connect purposely with your primary and home study agencies. Additionally, your primary agency’s ability to both obtain and ...

So You’re Traveling to Ukraine? Don’t Forget These Important Items!

We have completed the first round of documents, court appointments, judges, stacks of paperwork, stamps, stamps, and did I mention stamps? Ukraine has a special affection with stamps; they really do make everything look official. I might ask to buy one for a souvenir! Our expedition, thus far, has exceeded our expectations and blown away ...

Finding Families for Children – the Struggles and the Rewards

Working in adoption the past eleven years has afforded me the opportunity to work with many adoptive families, and I have treasured the opportunity.  I feel that I have connected many parents with the child or children that completed their family; however there are times when I need to be reminded that my job is about ...

The Wonderful Power of Love

Our Ukraine Summer Hosting Program just finished. Sixteen orphaned children, from different regions of Ukraine, will return to their country after spending their summer vacation with American families. I was the lucky one, who met the kids at the airport and who observed their “American” life through the weekly photo reports of the hosting families. ...

Three Reasons to Use MLJ Adoptions to Adopt from Ukraine

Selecting an agency to partner with you on your journey to adopt from Ukraine can be overwhelming. Sometimes it may feel like one agency may be located closer to your home, another one may have more experience in the country that you’re looking into. If your family wants to adopt from Ukraine, look no further ...

Ukraine Adoption Story: The Schuiteman Family

Meet the Schuiteman family! Dale is a senior pastor in Marion, Indiana. Camie is a home educator of 2 children still at home and an advocate of vulnerable children everywhere. We have been blessed with six children as of December 2016. Our oldest daughter and her husband are a Coast Guard family giving us two ...

Adopting from Ukraine – A Current Snapshot

The year 2017 has been an exciting one for families adopting from Ukraine with MLJ Adoptions! Ukraine has long been a popular country for American families interested in international adoption. In 2014, a shift in U.S. law had a significant impact on families adopting from Ukraine; the Universal Accreditation Act now requires U.S. families to ...

Hosting Program Gives Older Children Opportunities!

Can you find me a family? Can you take me to the United States? These are questions we receive almost inevitably when visiting older children in orphanages. Many older children understand and desire a family. It’s painful to know that so often, we will not be able to find a family for the oldest among ...

Introducing our Ukraine Summer Hosting Program!

MLJ Adoptions is pleased to share that a group of Ukrainian children will be visiting the U.S. this summer from July 13 – August 15, 2017. The hosting program provides a great opportunity for children from Ukrainian orphanages to spend their summer holidays with the American families. We are excited for the upcoming arrival of ...

Adopting from Ukraine – the Referral Process

What is the referral process like for families adopting from Ukraine? Ukraine issues a “blind referral,” which means that a family doesn’t receive a referral prior to travel. Instead, families are invited for an appointment with the Central Adoption Authority, the State Department for Adoptions and Protection of the Rights of the Child (SDAPRC), commonly referred to ...

Expedition to Ukraine- Helpful Tips

Given my role as MLJ’s Financial Resources Coordinator, money was probably our top concern as we headed to Ukraine. Regarding how much to bring, follow the travel guide; we found it to be very accurate with no surprises. What a blessing! Also, don’t be shy about asking other families about their experience regarding expenses. We ...

Expedition to Ukraine: What We Love About the Country

Croissants, croissants, croissants: chocolate-filled, chocolate chip, peach, cherry, banana, pineapple, blueberry, raspberry, cinnamon & raisin, whole grain, rye, without icing, drizzled with icing, covered in powdered sugar, and numerous mouth-watering, unknown others because I can’t read Russian or Ukrainian! Need I say more? Ukrainian food is delicious if you like meat, potatoes, and vegetables. It ...

Adopting from Ukraine – A 2016 Program Update!

For families interested in adopting from Ukraine, 2016 started off on an exciting note! MLJ Adoptions re-introduced our Ukraine Winter Hosting Program, which started in December 2015 and ran through mid-January 2016. Seven families participated, which allowed seven children to experience the love of a family, maybe for the first time in their lives. Once the ...

Frequently Asked Questions about Adopting from Ukraine

When families consider which countries they are interested in adopting from, the country of Ukraine is at the top of families’ lists for many reasons. In fact, U.S. families adopted over three hundred children from Ukraine in 2015¹. If you’re considering adopting from Ukraine, you probably have some questions, hopefully we’re able to answer a ...

Ukraine Winter Hosting: Meet Diana and Valeria!

Diana and Valeria are two sisters (ages 14 and 7) who are coming to the United States to spend their winter vacation with a host family! Our Ukraine Winter Hosting Program will run from December 27th to January 12th. In Ukraine, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, and these beautiful girls are looking for a family willing to ...

What Can I Do with my Host Child?

You’re about to have an exciting time with your host child from Ukraine! They will be on their first overseas trip, and will be visiting a new country. You will be bringing a child into your home as you decide if international adoption is for you. You both will be building a new relational bridge ...

What is the Ukraine Hosting Program?

Last winter, MLJ Adoptions reintroduced our Ukraine Hosting Program! We saw tremendous success in the program, both last winter and again this summer. This winter, we will be facilitating another hosting program for children without families from Ukraine to come to the United States and live with a host family for several weeks. What is ...

Three Reasons to Consider Adoption from Ukraine

Adoption from Ukraine has various benefits for families and children. Since 2010, between 300 and 650 children have joined U.S. families from Ukraine each year1. While it is a less popular adoption program than in years past- a decade low of 303 children joined their families in 2015- it is still an adoption program that ...

4 Reasons to Participate in an Orphan Hosting Program this Summer

MLJ Adoptions will be bringing 12 Ukrainian children to the U.S. from July 11 – August 5, 2016 for our 2016 Summer Hosting Program. We are excited about this opportunity for the children to travel to the U.S., taking a break from institutional life and spending time with a host family. There are many reasons ...

Ukraine Hosting Program Brings Boys to Families

I spent last weekend at a First Robotics Competition cheering on my sixteen year old son’s robotics team. Nick is a member of the drive team which means he gets to go out on the competition field and assist in maneuvering the robot. When his team was introduced to the large, cheering crowd, Nick’s face ...
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