MLJ Adoptions’ Second Quarter Update!


We’re already halfway through 2017, and MLJ Adoptions has much to celebrate! In the month of May alone, we had eight families matched with children in three different country programs.

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Two families in our Bulgaria program received referrals for children this spring!

  • Family One was matched with three biological siblings, ages seven, five and three. They waited eight months from dossier submission to referral.
  • Family Two was matched with a single girl who is one and a half years old. They waited twenty-four months from dossier submission to referral.

So far this year, a total of eight children have been matched with families in our Bulgaria program! We’ve had two families travel to Bulgaria this year; one family traveled on their first trip to meet their three children, ages six, four and three. The second family traveled to bring their one and a half year old home!

Burkina Faso

We continue to be excited about the growth in our Burkina Faso program! In May, two families in the program were matched with children, and neither one waited longer than five months.

  • Family one was matched with a seven year-old boy. They waited five months from dossier submission to referral.
  • Family two was matched with a fourteen year-old boy. They waited one month from dossier submission to referral.

While most families aren’t open to adopting a fourteen year-old boy, the quick referral indicates that the central authority in Burkina Faso quickly reviews family dossiers once they’re submitted.

child with parents


A family in our Haiti program traveled on their first trip to meet the four year-old boy they were matched with and officially accept his referral. They had waited 28 months from dossier submission to receiving a referral. Haiti requires two trips, one at time of match and one about a year later to bring the child home.

We saw the fifth child in our Haiti program join his family in June! He will celebrate his birthday in August in his forever family!


After a change in leadership at Mi Familia, the entity in Nicaragua who matches children with families, and a year of reviewing the process, two families in our Nicaragua program moved forward with the adoptions of girls with special needs. These adoptions were different than we’ve previously seen because of the girls’ medical needs. Mi Familia approached the agencies working in Nicaragua with information about the children to determine if any of the families with dossiers in-country would be interested in pursuing the adoption of either girl. Two MLJ families said, “Yes!”

  • Family One pursued the adoption of a one year-girl with medical needs. Their dossier had been in Nicaragua for 28 months.
  • Family Two pursued the adoption of a two and a half year-old girl with medical needs. Their dossier had been in Nicaragua for 18 months.

We are thrilled to see Nicaragua advocate for children with additional needs and MLJ Adoptions’ families move forward with their adoptions!

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Two families in our Samoa program arrived home with their children in June!

  • Family one brought home their almost two year old son. They waited exactly a year from when they received his referral to bringing him home!
  • Family two brought home their two year old daughter. They waited 15 months from when they received her referral to bringing her home!


Four members of our team traveled to Ukraine to meet with our in-country staff, visit orphanages and meet children who will be participating in our hosting program this summer. The trip was invaluable for our being able to share information with families who travel to the country.

Six children arrived in the United States for the summer with hosting families. These children (all but one) are returning for the second or third time with families who hope to adopt them!

Our team is busy preparing for the arrival of 9 more children who are participating in Ukraine hosting in July and August. We are thrilled for the life-changing experience that is ahead for these precious children!

Caitlin Snyder works as the Director of Marketing and Outreach for MLJ Adoptions. Working in international adoption has given Caitlin the unique opportunity to pursue both a passion to advocate on behalf of vulnerable people and a profession at the same time.