Let’s Celebrate Baba Marta Day!

If you travel to Bulgaria in early spring, you might be surprised to see something in the trees around you. Strands of red and white thread, bracelets, and maybe even dolls will be tied to tree branches in Bulgaria- sometimes there will be so many bracelets that you can barely see the tree beneath them! ...

A Spotlight on Adoption from Bulgaria!

The number of international adoptions has continued to dramatically decline over the past few years. Thousands of children are living their lives in orphanages in countries around the world, not necessarily due to the lack of desire to adopt them, but because of bureaucratic red tape caused by government. Many countries such as Ethiopia and ...

What do Special Needs Look Like in Peru?

In 2017, MLJ Adoptions began working to find families for unparented children in Peru! Most families who enter into our Peru program will end up being matched with a child off of a Special Needs List, which is published monthly. We received our first Special Needs List in January! A majority of the children in ...

URGENT! Make Your Voice Heard!

Have you ever wished international adoption was easier? Us, too. Well, it’s about to get even harder and even more expensive. Starting on February 15th, a new accrediting entity will be overseeing and monitoring international adoption agencies. This new accrediting entity, Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity (IAAME), appointed by the U.S. State Department, will ...

Another Child Arrives Home from Burkina Faso!

MLJ Adoptions is celebrating with another adoptive family who has completed their adoption process and brought home a child from Burkina Faso! What a wonderful way to begin 2018! The arrival home of this child is MLJ’s second adopted child to complete the adoption process in Burkina Faso and to arrive home in the United ...

What Country and Child-Specific Information Does MLJ Provide to Families?

Communication is always key to developing relationships. In adoption, we’ve found that whenever we can share information specifically regarding a family’s country program or about their referred child, that is the most helpful and appreciated communication. For this reason, we are always working to provide more and better country specific and child specific information. This ...

My Trip to a Ukrainian Orphanage

While I was in Ukraine earlier this year, we traveled to a smaller town east of the capital city to visit a Ukrainian orphanage, and the children who live there. To get to Zaporizhya from Kyiv, you must head southeast on the fast train. Although we are leaving very early in the morning, the concrete ...

What Does Special Needs Look Like in Burkina Faso?

As international adoption has evolved throughout the years, many children in need of families are considered hard to place because they have additional medical needs. Some are considered hard to place merely due to their ages. Countries advocate for their vulnerable children in various ways. Burkina Faso releases special needs lists quarterly in an effort ...

Adopt from Bangladesh with MLJ Adoptions!

Thinking of adopting a child in need from Bangladesh?  MLJ Adoptions International can help!  MLJ Adoptions, working in collaboration with an in-country attorney in Bangladesh, has successfully completed two adoptions, assisting families wishing to provide a home to a child in need from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a densely populated country with 150+ million residents.  Of ...

Consider Adopting from Peru!

Considering an international adoption from Latin America? Take a look at adopting from Peru! MLJ recently became an approved agency in Peru and we are excited to begin the adoption journey with families interested in adoption of older children (6 and older), sibling groups of all ages and children with additional medical needs. Medical needs ...

A Look Back: Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake

It’s hard to believe that it has been seven-plus years since Haiti’s devastating earthquake. But it has; on January 12, 2010, a catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 struck 25 kilometers outside of Haiti’s capital city of Port Au Prince. An estimated 100,000 people died, and 3,000,000 more were affected. Haiti was already the ...
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