The Wonderful Power of Love

Our Ukraine Summer Hosting Program just finished. Sixteen orphaned children, from different regions of Ukraine, will return to their country after spending their summer vacation with American families. I was the lucky one, who met the kids at the airport and who observed their “American” life through the weekly photo reports of the hosting families. ...

Families Needed for Older Children and Children with Additional Needs from Nicaragua

We currently have two families in Nicaragua adopting toddler aged waiting children who both have known additional needs. “Waiting children” are typically children over the age of 8 (both considered “healthy” and considered with medical needs) or children with additional medical needs of any age, including infants and toddlers. These are children who are not ...

MLJ Adoptions Hosts 2017 Adoption Picnic!

The date is SET! The countdown is ON! The bounce house is BOOKED! We can’t wait to see YOU! Our Annual Adoption Picnic will be held on September 17th from 1-3PM at Forrest Park in Noblesville, Indiana. The picnic is an excellent opportunity to meet other adoptive families and our MLJ Adoptions’ team. It is ...

Adopting from Ukraine – A Current Snapshot

The year 2017 has been an exciting one for families adopting from Ukraine with MLJ Adoptions! Ukraine has long been a popular country for American families interested in international adoption. In 2014, a shift in U.S. law had a significant impact on families adopting from Ukraine; the Universal Accreditation Act now requires U.S. families to ...

How Do You Define Family?

It’s amazing how times have changed since I was a child. Not only technology, advances in medicine and science, and education, but in the definition or understanding of “family.” It’s a good change, I think, because as a society we have become more accepting, diverse in our thinking, and willing to understand that “family” can ...

Special Needs in Burkina Faso

MLJ Adoptions is excited about our adoption program in Burkina Faso and the continued efforts of Burkina Faso’s central authority to place their most vulnerable children! Last week, MLJ received a third special needs list from the office of La Direction des Placements et des Adoptions, Burkina Faso’s central authority. Central authorities or adoption authorities ...

Food and Fun in Nicaragua

When I travel, even for a short weekend getaway, I like to pack lots of snacks. You never know when you will be hungry, and what will be available. My husband says I go a little overboard, which may be true, but I don’t hear him complaining when he is hungry and I pull out ...

Adopting from Burkina Faso – A Current Snapshot!

It’s an exciting time for families adopting from Burkina Faso with MLJ Adoptions! Since we opened our program in November 2014, we’ve seen tremendous success. Four families have been matched with children in our Burkina Faso program, and one family has brought their son home. No family in the program has waited longer than 12 ...

Qualities of a Successful Adoptive Parent

When considering adoption, parents generally take time to consider whether they meet certain qualifications, like age requirements or length of marriage, to adopt from a particular country. For example, to adopt from Ukraine, couples must be married and both must be at least 25 years old. But to adopt from Burkina Faso, couples must be ...
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