Support Vulnerable Children in Burkina Faso!

We at MLJ are excited that a second family is nearing completion of their adoption process in Burkina Faso! Our Burkina Faso program has exceeded our expectations with regards to transparency, ethical practices, practices for caring for children in need and waiting timelines for prospective adoptive parents.  To date, three additional families have been matched ...

Helping Your Child with Self-Hurting Behaviors

Self-hurting in children is often seen as a coping mechanism when difficult feelings arise. Some of these difficult feelings that your child may be unable to express can include but are not limited to: guilt, sadness, anxiety, frustration, low self-worth, and self-blame. When a child goes through a life-changing transition like adoption, they may not ...

Photo of the Week

                        We hope your weekend is full of smiles with the people you love the most! If you would like your child to be featured as our Photo of the Week, email

Announcing a New Country Program – Peru!

MLJ Adoptions just opened it’s newest adoption program! We can now assist families interested in adopting from Peru! MLJ Adoptions is now one of four agencies approved to work with families adopting from Peru, and we are eager to get to work on behalf of the country’s orphaned children. Peru is a Spanish-speaking country in ...

How Does MLJ Support Me During the Dossier Process?

The paperwork required during the adoption process can be overwhelming. There are applications, surveys, letters and endless forms to complete. First, families must complete a home study, and gather and fill out the numerous documents that go with it. When the home study is finished, it is time to compile the dossier, a collection of ...

Celebrate National Adoption Month!

Every November, adoption agencies and child welfare organizations celebrate National Adoption Month! It’s a month, usually with a specific focus, designed to raise awareness of the need for families to adopt children locally and globally. In honor of National Adoption Month, MLJ Adoptions is reducing our Adoption Application Fee by $100. Begin your adoption journey ...

Current Snapshot of Adopting from Burkina Faso!

MLJ is excited to share that two additional MLJ prospective adoptive families hoping to adopt from Africa received their referrals this month from Burkina Faso! This adds up to seven matches since this program opened! These recently matched families waited seven months and twelve months after dossier submission and registration to Burkina Faso’s Central Authority ...

Adoption Connections Make the Difference

The success of any adoption depends upon the ability to connect, whether that is with your child, your local resources or your support team. Connections are so crucial when considering adoption and it is important to also connect purposely with your primary and home study agencies. Additionally, your primary agency’s ability to both obtain and ...

Photo of the Week

                                                    We hope you’re ready to get dressed in your Halloween best! If you would like your child to be featured as our Photo of the Week, email

Changes in International Adoption from Nicaragua

MLJ Adoptions is celebrating some exciting movement in the past couple months in regards in adoption from Nicaragua! This year, three children have been matched with waiting families; all three children were under the age of three, but did have additional medical needs. Mi Familia, the adoption entity in Nicaragua, has indicated that their focus ...

Car Seat Troubles

“Don’t unbuckle your seatbelt!” “Stay in your car seat!” “Stop screaming, Mommy is trying to drive!” Do these sound familiar? It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to be driving down the road while their child is screaming and/or climbing out of their car seat. Children who have been adopted from another country have often spent a ...

Alternatives to Traditional Discipline

Traditional parenting techniques are not always effective when parenting a child with a history of trauma. Traditional parenting techniques include time-outs, behavior charts and removing privileges due to poor behavior. Sending a child away to a corner or to their room can cause them to feel rejected, afraid, unworthy, unlovable and alone. Before your child joined ...

Adopting from Bulgaria: An October Update

Over two hundred children joined U.S. families last year from Bulgaria! It’s an increase in placements from 2015 when about 180 children joined forever families from Bulgaria. This increased number of placements demonstrates that Bulgaria is thriving adoption program! As the number of international adoptions is on the decline, more children each year from Bulgaria ...

MLJ Adoptions’ Third Quarter Update

The leaves have started turning colors and falling to the ground, signaling that fall is here! At least in Indiana. The end of September also signifies the end of another quarter, and a time to share updates in our country programs. We have so much to be thankful for! Bulgaria Since the end of June, ...

Traveling to Nicaragua: How to Prepare

During spring break, I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua for a week! This gave me useful firsthand experience with traveling to a Latin American country, since two of our adoption programs work in Mexico and Nicaragua. Because I am a planner and stress about packing, I read blogs, travel guides and talked to other people ...
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