The Benefits of a Post-Adoption Visit

The concept of a post-adoption visit can be overwhelming for families. Like the home study process, it is intimidating to have a social worker come into your home and evaluate your family. The goal of a home study is to approve your family to adopt. It’s important to share as much information as possible with ...

The Importance of Post Adoption Reports

When parents begin their adoption journey, they are usually overwhelmed by a barrage of paperwork they need to complete. One of these papers is a document whereby you agree to complete post adoption reports for the courts, international country, your adoption agency, the State of the child’s custody, and/or the Department of State. It can ...

Photo of the Week

                      Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Thank you to all the moms who keep us smiling! If you would like your child to be featured as our Photo of the Week, email

The Need for International Adoption from Haiti

Haiti is widely considered to be the most impoverished country in the western hemisphere, with almost 80% of its citizens living below the poverty line. Due to the extreme poverty prevalent in Haiti, many families are unable to care for their children; 15% of children in Haiti are estimated to be living outside of family care, ...

Mama Stories

I hesitated regarding the title of this blog, because I feared it was a little too Southern, but honestly, I know you know what I mean by saying “Mama Stories.” With Mother’s Day coming up soon, we all recall our favorite Mama Stories; those gems of fond memories where we remember our own Mama’s or ...

Should I Grow My Family Through International Adoption?

Whether because of infertility or a desire to help a child in need, you may find yourself contemplating adding to your family through international adoption. There are many factors to consider before pursuing an international adoption. Ask yourself these five questions to see if international adoption is right for you. Am I Ready to Adopt ...

Five Ways That Our Families Afford Adoption

At MLJ Adoptions, we never want money to come between families and children who need loving, permanent homes. We understand the cost of adoption can seem overwhelming. But we’ve had the privilege of celebrating with families as they have paid their final invoice and are preparing to bring their children home. Here are the top ...

Adopting from Africa – Which Country is Right for You?

Adopting from Africa is a popular option for American families seeking to grow their families. They are familiar with the poverty in many African countries, and are eager to meet the needs of vulnerable children. However, deciding on which African country to adopt from is a difficult decision. Unfortunately families quickly realize that critical need ...

Exciting International Adoption Updates from MLJ!

The first three months of 2017 were exciting for MLJ Adoptions! After bringing seven children home in December 2016, we were eager to see what the new year had in store for our international adoption families. The first quarter has been full of good things! Bulgaria Six children joined their forever families from Bulgaria! They ...

Overview of the International Adoption Process

International adoption involves state, federal and foreign entities including social workers, adoption professionals, government officials, judges, attorneys, caregivers and immigration workers. Before you get overwhelmed because, “Man, that’s a lot of people involved!” let’s walk through the process. This is a general overview, and each country program will differ, but hopefully you’ll gain an overall ...

Easter in Ukraine

I was born and raised in Ukraine, and one of the sweetest memories about my childhood is our Easter celebration. Every year we gathered all together at my grandmother’s house. It was always like a family reunion since I only saw some of my relatives on Easter.This is my third Easter here in US, far away from ...
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