Helpful Hints From Our Ukrainian Journey

Our journey to Ukraine was absolutely amazing! Our journey began October 17, 2009 and ended on November 24, 2009. Even though we ran into some delays we had not expected, our trip was so rewarding. The director at Cayden’s orphanage was so caring, kind, and generous during our trip, and our facilitator was knowledgeable and ...

What Does Hague Mean?

We were so thankful to find out on Thanksgiving day that we had received our Hague Approval. It was no small feat, and we are very thankful for the hours of planning, preparation, and meetings our directors put in over several months to complete our application. Our approval means that the Council on Accreditation (COA) ...

Poem: A Child's Heart

I drew inspiration from the events of this week one evening. I was lying in my room and thinking about what all we had experienced when the words just began flowing: “I’ll love you forever,” some mothers will say But sometimes that is just how it goes I did not mean to leave you alone ...

Etched on My Heart Forever: Part 2

As I mentioned, the 9 & 10 year olds that I got close to were very loving and affectionate,maybe even a bit clingy. I noticed that to be largely the case with the children from about 6-11 years old. Perhaps they felt that at their ages they still had hopes of a visitor deciding to ...

Etched on My Heart Forever: Part 1

What do you think of when you hear the word “Thanksgiving”? I’m guessing that what comes to your mind is some combination of family, turkey, parades and football. Well, this year I did not spend Thanksgiving with my family. And while we did have a traditional turkey dinner, we did not see a single play ...

What Happens When We Don't Look Alike?

Today’s guest blogger Tara Michener is very involved in promoting diversity and inclusion through education, public speaking, writing, and advocacy. She leads workshops on self-esteem, creative writing, diversity and social networking for people of all ages. She is the author of The "Who I Am" book series which promotes self-esteem and diversity in kids, allowing ...

The Blind Side Review: Forever Changed

The Blind Side is not your typical adoption story, but the feeling that adoption chose you (rather than you choosing adoption) may be familiar to many who have gone through the process. The Tuohy family saw a child in need and acted immediately. What they found was that he changed their lives. They learned very ...

New Adoption Program in Congo

We are very excited about our new program in the Democratic Republic of Congo and happy to already be working with families across the United States. There are many waiting children for whom we would love to find a loving home and family. Currently referral times are immediate to three months, however as the program ...

Those Eyes…

Those eyes, looking past me, hesitant to make eye contact, afraid to hope… those eyes that track from just below my face to one of the babies… That look, deep in those eyes, with the stoic knowing that our only interest must be in the babies… That hesitance to engage with us, with me, in ...

The Fatherless Foundation Invites You to Aid the Orphan

MLJ Adoptions, Inc. is happy to share the following information from the Fatherless Foundation, which has both helped many of our clients raise adoption funds and helped bring together our team who are all volunteers for the Fatherless Foundation. On Oct 30, 2009, The Fatherless Foundation will be holding its third annual benefit auction and ...

Legal and Ethical Considerations of Embryo Adoption

Read the first installment of this article, explaining embryo adoption, here. Legal Before beginning this process, both donors and adoptive parents must be aware that there are unsettled legal issues with regards to embryo donation and adoption. There are no federal and very few state laws which specifically address embryo donation and adoption. Georgia has ...

What is Embryo Adoption?

As the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) has become more common, couples who have chosen this method and have successfully added children to their family, find that they are left with the responsibility of determining the destiny of their other frozen embryos. Understandably, this can be a difficult decision as these couples have limited ...
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