The Need for International Adoption from Haiti


Adoption from Haiti meets a critical need for vulnerable children.Haiti is widely considered to be the most impoverished country in the western hemisphere, with almost 80% of its citizens living below the poverty line. Due to the extreme poverty prevalent in Haiti, many families are unable to care for their children; 15% of children in Haiti are estimated to be living outside of family care, living them vulnerable to the harsh reality of the world without protections.

In 2010, an earthquake devastated this already poor country, compounding the hardships faced by many Haitians and leaving even more children without families. It is estimated that the number of orphans in Haiti doubled from 380,000 to more than 750,000. This staggering number accounts for almost 7% of Haiti’s population. There is a critical need for international adoption from Haiti.

Since 2010, the country has suffered additional hardships including a three-year El-Niño-induced drought, an additional hurricane and an ongoing cholera outbreak. As a result, the children of Haiti are suffering food insecurity and malnutrition. The Government’s capacities have been stretched to the breaking point. These problems are especially acute for children without parental care.

The staff of MLJ Adoptions is deeply committed to working in Haiti and placing these vulnerable children in loving, permanent homes. We are excited to have additional spots available in our Haiti international adoption program and we look forward to continuing our success in Haiti by assisting additional families with an adoption from Haiti.  We are eager to come alongside families seeking to provide a permanent, loving home for these worthy children.

Married couples seeking to adopt from Haiti must be married five years at time of dossier submission; one spouse must be over the age of 30 years old. Single women seeking to adopt from Haiti must be over the age of 35 years old. Pursuing an adoption from Haiti allows individuals to meet the needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

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Photo Credit: Feed My Starving Children

15% of Haitian children live outside of parental care

Sheri Molnar is the Director of Operations and Finance at MLJ Adoptions. Visiting children living in institutions in Honduras and Congo has provided her with a tremendous motivation to come into work each day and work tirelessly on behalf of children in need of loving, permanent homes.